Mirchi Vs. Woh
Cute Girl • onHumor 13 years ago • 3 min read

There was a bachelor Ladies Specialist doctor, who was very desperate to get married. He discussed his problem with one of his friend, who suggested him to choose one girl from his clients. He said that he was getting female clients who were all GONE cases... and he need a decent and virgin girl to get married. So his friend offered him an advise and asked him to publish a Matrimonial Ad in News Paper and asked him to specifically see the prospective bride alone at his clinic and gave him some instructions to follow... So he just did like that...

He published an Matrimonial Ad in news paper next day and he had number of calls for appointment. He called each prospect alone at a specific time. During conversation he used to fully strip and ask the girl (Pointing at his Penis) what you think of this? Some girls just ran away... some were angry... some slapped him and went off... He was pissed off with this and spoke to his friend, who again asked him to continue with remaining appointments and that was the only way to find an innocent girl... So he just continued for a while

In couple of days.. he met one girl, who did not have any reaction to see him nude... He was worried and asked her if she didn't feel any thing? She said no... Do you know what it is(again pointing at his penis).. she replied that she had never seen anything like that before and was very curious to know about it... Just to answer her curiosity for a while, he told her that it was MIRCHI, and she will experience it after the marriage. Dr. was happy to find the girl he needed... Overjoyed he told this to his friend and on his friends advise he got married to the same girl...

On Suhag Raat... when they reach their bedroom and were ready for the night... doctor reminded his new bride about their first meeting and tried explain her that it was not MIRCHI and what it was actually.. She refused to agree with him... and dr. tried to convince her several times... Finally told her Look.. It is not Mirchi, I just wanted to tell you about it when we got married. He explains her - Yeah Woh hai jis se ladka ladki ko maa bana sakta hai aur bhi bahut kuch de sakta hai... Girl denies his every attempt to convince her... finally she yell at him Yeah Woh kaise Ho sakta hai jo aap bol rahe ho.. yeah sirph mirchi hi hai... woh to sirph Shahrukh bahi ke paas hai aur jo unke paas hai woh aapke paas kaise ho sakta hai?



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