MMS - How To Create, Send And Secure?
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MMS or Mutimedia Messaging Services have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. While some are happy with it and understand full what it is and how it works, there are a few who are still in the dark. Read along to know about MMS and why you could use it before you head over to a mobile store to buy yourself a new cell phone.

If you’ve tried SMS then your one step closer. MMS is just an advanced SMS service as it lets you send videos, pictures, files, text and even a combination of any of these. If you have to receive an MMS text then you need to have MMS activated on your cell phone.

All new mobile phones that are easily available have MMS capabilities. Unfortunately though, the older phones may not have this feature. If you are those lucky few you could have MMS enabled on your old phone.

Here are some facts about MMS technology.

• If you are sending an MMS to someone, the receiver too should have MMS enabled. • Sometimes the MMS you create on your phone could not be compatible on the receiver’s phone. • You cannot set configurations with MMS like how you edit your SMS setting. It is a bit different as it depends on the kind and brand of mobile phone you use.

After you have gone to the mobile store and got a brand new cell phone, to enable your MMS settings, you will first have to get in touch with your network operator. Every India mobile network operator has MMS service; all you need to do is call them. You will also be liable to pay a certain monthly fee as directed by you operator.

After the service centre gives you the settings you can configure your MMS service. Here are a few steps that are universally the same for most mobile phones.

• Choose Tools - Settings - Connection - Access Points • Choose Options - New Access Points and Default Settings • Add in connection name • The data bearer • Access point name • User name • Password • The Authentication is generally Normal • The Gateway IP address (as specified by your operator) • The Homepage • Connection Security • Session Mode

Once you get these settings done you can send and receive MMS messages. To get your settings right make sure you get in touch with your service provider, as there could be a slight difference in the steps you follow based on your specific India mobile network provider.

Once you configure your MMS service you could try sending a picture to your friend. These steps are not the same for even phone model, there could be a slight difference, depending on the phone model.

• Click a photo on your mobile using the in-built camera, or find the picture on your phone that you want to share • Select the desired picture and choose 'Send by MMS' from the image options • If you want, add some text to describe your image • Choose the set of friends from your contacts to whom you want to send this picture • Press 'Send', and that's it!

Once you know get MMS enabled on your mobile you might also want to make note of a few important points. Not everyone uses MMS for the right reasons, some send illicit images, videos etc. Incase you come across any; make sure you let your operator know of the same. Once you raise a flag, your operator will help get a few settings done on you mobile. This should help stop illicit and unwanted MMS messages from unknown people.

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