Mobile Phone Security
Ragini Khanna • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 4 min read

Advancement in technology where make you mobile there rises some serious mobile phone security issues as well. While you are mobile phone with some positive purpose like on a business trip there might be someone else mobile phone with negative intention to harm you. You don’t know where and how you get loss to your data within your mobile phone, but you can take precautionary measurements to secure your mobile phone important data or personal possessions.

When you are away from your home with mobile device like mobile, laptop or iPod you are exposed to the danger. It is your duty to take some precautionary measurements for securing mobile phone data if you are mobile. There are some different aspects you have to consider as to what and how should be secure.

It is your first and foremost duty to think what are the important information and data you don't want to leak out. This information could be;

  • Customer's contact information.
  • Client detail.
  • Personal data like personal number, birth date, CNIC No., and home address etc. It is advised that delete personal data while you are mobile or write partial information.

You must be aware of your need as which information you need while you are mobile. While mobile, taking your all data with you could be harmful as you could lose your mobile phone device. Therefore it is necessary to place important data on a server machine instead of saving the information in laptop or mobile phone. In case of keeping data locally it is necessary to install software for the mobile phone security.

It is better to copy all the important information on CD and write short description about the data and arrange them date wise. This will help you to organize the data and also secure it in case of device failure. Anti-Virus software or security updates are recommended to upgrade so that it regularly checks the files to avoid the data loss threat to mobile phone.

Hackers are clever enough to hack your passwords and logins information. Your password must be strong enough to be secure in any worst circumstance. For the strong password read the guide for strong passwords. Do not check the password remembrance prompt. Do not write password anywhere to be easily find out by someone. Do not allow cookies to save password on your mobile phone device.

Now-a-days wireless devices have in-built internet connection button. Switch-off this button not to establish connection automatically with an unsecured wireless internet. Do not remain on the sharing property of printer and file.

Always use secure wireless connection for the file and photo sharing and transferring. While you are on move it is necessary to be very careful about your belonging. In public places you should be extra conscious about your surroundings. Keep an eye over your luggage and do not show off others that you have something precious something important. Do not let others to see your laptop or mobile, they can run away with it.

Do not let the Bluetooth on so that other can transfer important information without your permission. In case you forget to switch off the Bluetooth, you can be easily traced and trapped.

Let suppose you have lost your mobile or laptop. Do you have back up for the important information save in that particular mobile phone or laptop. It is better to secure information somewhere else away from your mobile device so that in case of robbery or loss you should not suffer the loss.

It is true that mobility helps you to be more productive and confident and surely has many advantages there is only need to be more aware to the threats and danger offers by outer environment away from your access.

Mobile Security


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