Mobile Phones - The New Status Symbol Of The Middle Class
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Once upon a time, it was only the wealthy privileged who owned a landline. The introduction of the mobile phone however changed these demographics completely. Owning a landline connection today is nothing grand instead owning the best of mobile phones with all of the features technology can provide, is the “in” thing, and if you don’t have one, then you are out of the crowd.

During the early times just about a decade ago, if you owned a mobile phone you instantly stood out. If you were one of those lucky few, you would agree about the amazed and the look of awe everyone gave you. Things have changed considerably today though, especially since mobile phones today come packed with features, irrespective if they belong to the lower price segments. Surprisingly today it is not about owning a mobile phone, but the kind you own, the features in it etc. With the right mobile phone are sure to be admired.

The mobile phone is no longer a gadget to send and receive messages or even what you can use to make and receive calls. Instead owning the best that there is a status symbol, an accessory that you cannot do without, and has even outdone other popular accessories and gadgets.

Teenagers and young professionals, make up the lot of those who always want to be equipped with the latest cell phone with them. This is one gadget they use to impress the opposite sex with and it also gives them a distinguishing look among their peers and friends. Although mobile phones can now be easily bought, owning an expensive one is still a very trendy way of showing that you have immense wealth and status.

Some features on your cell phone could be polyphonic ring tones, high resolution cameras, dual sim mobiles, touch screens, amazing colors, web access, 3G etc, and it’s only getting better as technology improves. Technology has also now allowed people of various strata to own a mobile phone that has all the features, and at amazingly low mobile price.

Cheap mobile phones too now have most of the features you could ask for. Undoubtedly even cheap phones today have the best of features you could possibly want. Indeed mobile phones have taken over the world; today you see teens, youngsters and even the elderly owing one. It gives you the flexibility of playing games, surfing the internet, share pictures, videos etc.

Technology is only getting better, and its being reflected in our mobile phone technology. This has even helped drop the mobile phone prices in today’s market making it possible to own the best that money can offer.

A humble device still, although it is used for much more than sending and receiving text messages and even communicating with your near and dear ones, there is a lot more on offer. It definitely has now turned to be the New Status Symbol of the Middle class.

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