Mobile Phones - What The Middle Class Is Buying
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Not so long ago the landline connection was our only way and hope of connecting with people. However it was so hugely expensive that only the rich could afford. It was not just considered to be something out of the ordinary but an unaffordable bit. However the mobile phone has changed age old traditions, now, it seems like there is no distinguish between rich and middle class or even poor.

Mobile phones are not just a rage but quiet affordable specially since there are new additions in the market, that helps building a healthy competition that is good for consumers.

Do you remember the time when your rich friend got his first mobile phone? You probably looked at awe, wondering when you could have one of your own. Today though the entire mobile phone industry has gone through a revolutionary sea change with new mobiles, the latest in popular features, that the mobile crazy market can just not do without.

The most important thing today on every mobile owners mind is if they have the right features and do they have enough that the market has. Having the appropriate mobile features on your phone will definitely make you the talk of the town.

The mobile phone is no longer just an instrument to make or receive calls or even send and receive messages. Instead now, owning a cell phone is more than that, it is about having the best, to be the best. It is no longer a luxury but a must have gadget for many.

Mobile phones however are more fashionable with teenagers, and the young crowd who now have the habit of selling their old phones just so that they have the latest and the best mobile the market has to offer. Having the latest lets them enjoy the admiration from the opposite sex apart from throwing their peers with envy. The old and the young although may not like admitting that they enjoy the glances and admiration of their colleagues, friends. Especially when they dish out their new stylish, and expensive mobile phones; showing it off while they talk. Owing a gadget like a mobile phone that is expensive, glitzy, and glamorous and has all the key features is definitely stylish and ups your status.

Polyphonic ring tones, cameras with high resolution, touch screen enabled phones, phones that come in striking colors, 3G and even web access, are only improving with technology. Infact today the more you have is still not enough to satiate your wants. The budget spectrum is huge, and the mobile phone user is definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a mobile phone that is the best from the rest.

Unlike a few years ago, cheap mobile phones today, come packed with features that every kind of user will love. This is definitely the era of the mobile craze, with great features available at the most affordable mobile prices India has to offer. Right from the young to the old, people own mobile phones with features galore to suit every persons needs.

Technology has a huge hand in making mobile phones cheaper apart from the stifling competition in this particular market segment. It has however helped the consumer market since consumers now have a wider variety of choice at an affordable price.

Once considered to be only a gadget for the rich and famous, the Mobile phone has truly revolutionized the way we communicate and has even bought man and technology closer than ever before.

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