More Ideas On How To Talk Dirty Without A Single Word
Chris • onMating & Dating 8 years ago • 3 min read

You think you might benefit from a few lessons on how to talk dirty without talking. First you have to decide which method you want to use for your dirty talk. Do you want to talk dirty to your lover in photos or written words or perhaps both?

If you’re planning a romantic night full of passionate love making then you should start your dirty talk in the morning and carry it through the day and into the night.

A quick note left in his brief case or shirt pocket that reads “Guess what I have planned for you tonight?” is a great way to start. This will start his day thinking about you and the night that is to come, while teasing him and making him wonder just what it is you do have planned for the night.

A few hours later send him a text message or an email. Of course this depends on where he works and what the chances are that someone will see his private email or text message. If there is a chance someone will read it then choose your words very carefully. If you are certain it is for his eyes only then by all means let the words flow freely…

Another great but brave idea is to send him a picture of yourself if you're shy pick out a sexy lingerie and leave your head out of the picture or if you’re brave take it all off. Strike a provocative pose and smile pretty! I don’t recommend this if he drives for a living or has a dangerous job because unless this is something you do often you’re going to shook the sugar out of him!

If it’s possible to meet him for lunch and the two of you can be alone then show up and join him for a quite lunch of foreplay. A little kissing, nibbling and perhaps even a little sucking will be just the lunch he was in the mood for.

As the evening approaches you can send him another email, text message or a picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so if you’re sending a second one make sure it is better than the first!

When he arrives home be sure the shower is ready and help him undress as you lead him to the bathroom, climb in with him and wash all the days' worries away. Give him a little sample of what he has to look forward to but not too much! The longer you make him wait the more amazing the sex will be.

With all that being said my friends is how you can how to talk dirty to your man without uttering a single word!


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