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Sim Clock Stopping *#746025625# [*#sim0clock#]

Checks if the sim clock can be stopped. Sim clock stop is a kind of stand-by mode which will save battery time. This code doesn't work with software version 4.59.

It will tell you if it can be stopped or not.

Warrenty Menu *#92702689# takes you to a secret menu with 6 choices: [*#war0anty#]

  1. Displays $erial Number.
  2. Displays the Month and Year of Manufacture (0997).
  3. Displays (if there) the date where the phone was purchased (MMYY).
  4. Displays the date of the last repairment - if found (0000).
  5. Makes you capable of transferring user data if you have the gear for it.
  6. Shows how long the phone has been used to talk. This counter is not reset by when you "clear timers" like the counters in the call register.

Bypass the SP lock With a Nokia 16xx/21xx/31xx/51xx/81xx 1. Insert SIM card of different provider. 2. Turn on the phone and press the UP VOLUME key for 3 sec. Then release it and the phone says PIN CODE? 3. Press the "C" key. 4. Then Press and wait until it disappears and appears again, then press one more time and 04PINPIN*PIN#

Nokia Speed Trap Detector Urban Legend spread by Nokia Engineers ;^) The settings for radar speed traps detector. Your Nokia cell phone can be programmed to pick up radar speed traps, when programmed your cell phone picks up the radar and alerts you on the message alert tone. ( Doesn't work with Nokia 7110! ) 1. Enter your menu 2. Select settings 3. Select security settings 4. Select closed user group 5. Select on 6. Enter 00000 7. Press ok 8. Clear back to normal, within a few seconds your phone will display a radar sign with five zero's next to it. It is now activated.

Unfortunately only Nokia phones have this function. The Cell Phone info display needs to be de-activated. Settings -> Phone Settings -> Cell Info display. Each time you turn off your phone, or even each time you loose contact with your carrier, you'll have to activate it again... It is done using steps 1 through 5 above, but the number (00000) will be already on the field as a default

Network Monitor

Network Monitor There is a hidden menu inside your Nokia phone. If you want to activate it, you'll have to re-program some chips inside of your phone. Check your software version. You can only continue if you have v4.33, v4.73 or v5.24. Take apart the phone. De-solder the EEPROM (ATMEL AT 24C64) Read out the data with an EEPROM programmer and save it to a file (Backup) If you have v.33 or v4.73, change the address "03B8" from "00" to "FF" If you have v5.24 then change the address "0378" from "00" to "FF" Write the new data to the EEPROM and solder it back to the phone Power on your phone and you should have "Netmonitor" enabled. The Network Monitor gives you the following information: Carrier number, MS RX Level in DBM, Received signal quality, MS TX power level, C1 (Path loss criterion, used for cell selection and reselection). The range is -99 to 99, RTL (Radio link timeout), Timeslot, Indication of the transmitter status, Information on the Network parameters, TMSI (Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity), Cell identification (Cell ID, Number of cells being used), MCC (Mobile country code), MCN (Mobile network code), LAC (Location area code), Ciphering (On/Off), Hopping (On/Off), DTX (On/Off), Discard cell barred information.

GSM Network Services Command Strings When various network functions are selected via the cellphone's menu using the keypad, the cellphone automatically generates the corresponding GSM network command string and transmits it to the network. These commands can however be manually entered via the keypad.

Each command is prefixed with either one or two * or # characters as follows: Register and Activate * Activate ## De-Register (and Deactivate) # Deactivate *# Check Status € ¢Ã’¢Â© Call button

Once each command has been entered, if it is a network command (as opposed to a local handset command) it must be transmitted to the network by pressing the YES (receiver) key which acts as an enter key - this is represented here with the € ¢Ã’¢Â© character. Always enter numbers in full international format +CountryAreaNumber (e.g. +447712345678).

Command Description Command String Security Change call barring code 03OldCodeNewCode*NewCode#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Change call barring code 03330OldCodeNewCodeNewCode#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Change PIN code 04OldPINNewPIN*NewPIN#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Change PIN2 code 042OldPIN2NewPIN2*NewPIN2#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Unlock PIN code (when PIN is entered wrong 3 times) 05PUKNewPIN*NewPIN#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Unlock PIN2 code (when PIN2 is entered wrong 3 times) 052PUK2NewPIN2*NewPIN2#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Display IMEI *#06# Call Forwarding (Diversions) De-register all call diversions ##002#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Set all configured call diversions to number and activate 004*number#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© De-register all configured call diversions (no answer, not reachable, busy) ##004#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Unconditionally divert all calls to number and activate 21*number#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Activate unconditionally divert all calls *21#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© De-register unconditionally divert all calls ##21#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Deactivate unconditionally divert all calls #21#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Check status of unconditionally divert all calls *#21#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Divert on no answer to number and activate 61*number#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Activate divert on no answer *61#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© De-register divert on no answer ##61#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Deactivate divert on no answer #61#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Check status of divert on no answer *#61#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Divert on not reachable to number and activate 62*number#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Activate divert on not reachable *62#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© De-register divert on not reachable ##62#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Deactivate divert on not reachable #62#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Check status of divert on not reachable *#62#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Divert on busy to number and activate /td> 67*number#€ ¢Ã’¢Â© Run -> Regedit

locate HKEYCURRENTUSER\Software\Widcomm\BTConfig\Servic es\0004 key

locate AcceptOther entry

change its value from 0 to 1

reboot your computer.

How to Backup one MMC to another MMC

Backup one MMC to another MMC Back Up one MMC to another MMC

Needed Items 1 MMC Reader 1 Cell w/ MMC Ability 1 New MMC 1 Old MMC 1 PC

How To Do it 1.) look at the name the first MMC is named and then take it out 2.) put in the new MMC 3.) format and name the new MMC the same as the other one 4.) Take back out the New MMC 5.) put the old MMC into a MMC Reader that is connected to your PC 6.) Coppy all of the MMC *make sure you have "show hidden files" enabled on your PC. see aditional info for this setting at the bottom of this message* 7.) Make a new folder on your Desktop and Past all files into that folder. 8.) Take out the Old MMC and Insert the new MMC into the Reader 9.) Open the new folder on your Desktop 10.) Highlight all of these files and folders, right click on one of the files or folders, select "Coppy" 11.) "Past" files and folders to the New MMC 12.) put the New MMC back into the cellphone, power up, and your done.

How To View Hidden Files in MS Windows To view hidden files in Microsoft Windows perform the below steps.

1.) Open explorer 2.) Click the "Tools" drop down menu. 3.) Click either "Folder Options" or "Options". 4.) Click the "View" tab. 5.) Within the view tab select the option "Show hidden files and folders".

Q: Which Symbian OS version does my phone use? A: 3600/3620/3650/3660/7650/N-Gage/N-Gage QD are using v6.1; 6260/6600/6620/6670/7610 are using v7.0s; 6630 uses Symbian OS 8.0

Q: How can I upgrade my Symbian OS to a newer version? A: You can't.

Q: How do I format my phone? A: - Normal Reset (*#7780#) : Restores ini files from rom but preserves user data (photos, 3rd party apps etc) - Deep Reset (*#7370#) : This reformats completely the C: drive. All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost and clean default files will be rewritten.

In both case, the phone will ask you a confirmation and you will have to enter a security code (12345 by default).

Files and applications stored on E: drive are not be affected by these sequences.

For Symbian OS 7 (6260/6600/6620/6670/7610) there is a third method: Turn phone off, press and hold the green (talk) key on the left + number 3 on the keypad + the * key and then turn the phone back on.

The phone will start the formatting process without confirmation! Files and applications stored on E: drive are not be affected by this.

Q: How do I get the MAC adress of the bluetooth device of my phone? A: *#2820#

Q: My phone reacts quite slow, how can I speed it up? A: You can speed up the phone by setting the time of the "Recent calls register" to one day (30 days by default). It depends on you how important the "Recent calls register" is for you.

1)What's the difference between the N-Gage and QD? In order to know their differences, let's compare their specs:

Original N-Gage - Triband (900/1800/1900) - 4096 colourscreen - Stereo (comes with stereo headset) - Comes with a USB cable, recording cable and adaptor cable (for recording radio/MP3 purposes) - Built in MP3 player and radio - side-talking - Must turn off the phone, remove the battery cover AND battery in order to remove MMC - 5-way direction pad (CENTER for menu selection) - Comes with BL-5C battery - MP3, AAC, MIDI or WAV ringtones - Great RF

N-Gage QD - Dualband (850/1900 or 900/1800) - 4096 colourscreen (brighter than Original N-Gage) - Mono (comes with dual mono headset) - Doesn't come with ANY cables - NO built in MP3 player or radio (will still be able to listen to mp3's thru 3rd party apps) - NO side-talking - Hot-swop, easy removal of MMC - 4-way direction pad with a separate "menu selection" key - Comes with BL-6C battery - MIDI or WAV ringtones - Great RF (better than Original N-Gage if 850 is being used)

(2) Which N-Gage is better? It's really hard to say because everyone has their own opinions. But if you are looking function-wise the original N-Gage wins out with the stereo support, MP3 ringtones, radio, tri-band and additional cables/recording functions. But the QD counters with its 850 (for those 850 gurus), smaller-size, no side-talking, BL-6C battery(for extra battery life)and the easy removal of MMC.

(3) Can my (input s60 phone here) play N-Gage games? Where/How can I find * N-Gage games for my (input s60 phone here)? Yes your s60 phone can play N-Gage games. How and where? according to forum rules, I am not allow to tell. Sorry.

(4) How do I check firmware and IMEI on my N-Gage/QD? Press #0000# on the main screen for firmware, and #06# for IMEI.

(5) How do I change my operator logo for my N-Gage/QD? Download SeleQ or FExplorer from, access the image thru either of the apps and select "Set as Operator Logo". If that doesn't work, SMS yourself or download an older format logo (black and white), and then save that logo. After that, you should be able to change your operator logo thru SeleQ or FExplorer.

(6) How do I change my wallpaper on my N-Gage/QD? 1) Press the application key 2) Scroll to the "Tools" folder and open it 3) Scroll to "Settings" and open it 4) Select "Phone/Device" (whichever your phone may say) 5) Select "Standby Mode" 6) Select "Background Image" 7) Select "Yes" Select either "Phone Memory" or your MMC card depending on where the image is saved 9) Select the image 10) Go back to your main screen of the phone

How to connect your N-Gage to your PC

Step 1. Before you do anything. Place your MMC into your phone and format it.

Step 2. Place the N-Gage disc (that comes with the phone) into your cd rom.

If youve got XP: Connect your N-Gage to your pc with the USB cable. Leave windows to find all the necessary drivers automatically. Your MMC in your N-Gage will now be recognised as a removeable drive in 'My Computer'.

If you havent got XP: Do the same as above. If nothing happens, run the program on the N-Gage disc and install any drivers you find.

If any of the above does not work click Here

Step 3. Once the MMC is recognised by your PC, simply drag and drop any files you want onto the MMC (removeable drive).

Step 4. Download FExplorer from HERE and place the file on your MMC. Once on the MMC go to your menu then Tools --> Manager --> FExplorer --> Options --> Install

Follow all the on screen intructions. This has installed a file browser for you N-Gage. You can now access all the files on your N-Gage and MMC which 'Manager' can't see (like Java games).



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    China phone - speaker volume correction?

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