Mr. Mysterious Guy
Sunny • on 9 years ago • 1 min read

My Mysterious Guy,..May I know youFurther??

There you are, bein a loner again Sittin in a corner, seems like you aint got friends You always set yourself apart I guess thats why you got my attention

Well for as hard as you tried to hide Im gonna try to unveil you identity,

I know you had no intention To catch my attention
But now that you caught it, I slowly realizing that you are such a mysterious,.. ''A man with a few words''

You always seems like that youre some like a little quiet boy
harder to show whats inside

Well for as hard as you tried, you got my attention And Im gonna wish that somehow, I will also occupy a space in your heart.

Mr.Mysterious Guy,... I just wanna get to know you More deeper than what you are.

And if things went right Maybe you wont be so mysterious for me anymore,..just wanna take off the wall between us thats keeping me thinking that you are so mysterious..

Would you permit me to know you further?? My Mr.Mysterious Guy?



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