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Like being obese, being excessively skinny and bony too spoils one's body image and shatters one's confidence. To acquire a perfect figure, one needs to have a proper symmetry in muscle accumulation. Many men are hell-bent on acquiring a robust, muscular physique not only to satisfy their own selves but also to impress their ladies. Thus efforts to gain in weight by pumping up muscle mass through rigorous work-outs in well equipped gyms are very much an in thing now.

Work-outs involve exercises like dumbbell pull over, push-ups, lateral raises, bench dips, triceps push-downs, skull crushers, triceps kickbacks etc. The matter actually is not simply about gaining weight but about gaining lean muscle weight in a symmetrical manner. Men who have a craze for gaining weight by building muscles may try out the required work-outs systematically.

Diet also holds much importance in the weight gaining program. Feasting on greasy, fatty foods is not at all a healthy way to gain weight. The protein and carbohydrate intake should be raised much. Protein is the primary muscle tissue building material and aids the building of muscle tissue whereas carbohydrate energizes the body during work-outs.

Thus milk, chicken, eggs, lean meat, fat free dairy products, fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes and pulses should be consumed in increased quantities. One should also drink plenty of water, for water keeps your system hydrated, and compensates the excessive loss of water through sweating during exercising. In other words, weight gaining program should be a perfect combination of nutrition, exercises and rest.

At times, however, even after undertaking all measures to gain weight, one does not get the desired result. This is indicative of some deficiency in the nutrition or work-out charts. To overcome the deficiency, one may take the support of the right weight gain supplement. These supplements prove useful not only for professional athletes and body builders but also for the genetically unblessed folks. Muscle Advance is one such weight gain supplement.

In fact it is the best supplement to gain weight, available in market. Muscle Advance weight gain drink helps you with your proper protein synthesis and maintenance of nitrogen balance in body. It enhances the stamina and endurance during work-outs. The product supplies you with healthy protein and eliminates the adverse impact of bad cholesterol and fat that often enters body through protein rich diet. Muscle Advance, the best supplement to gain weight, helps in gaining lean muscle weight speedily and effectively.

Muscle Advance contains 52 grams of protein, 94 grams of carbohydrates and 810 calories per servings. One may drink 2 scoops of this protein powder by mixing it with water or milk. The product comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors and tastes really great. One may drink Muscle Advance shake in between meals or 30-45 minutes before going to bed. The product is a complete product to gain weight. The amino acid complexes and minerals in the product help in muscle tissue repair after work-outs. Thus you will get all in one in Muscle Advance, the best supplement to gain weight.

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