Music Player For All Java™ Mobiles
J.H.Balaji • onInformation 10 years ago • 1 min read

After a long search i have found a Music player (KD Player) for all

Java™ enabled mobiles....

It have excellent effect when compared to Walkman™

in fact it comes with an in built Walkman™ skins....

It have the compatibility of adding new skins and minimizing also...

So make your Java™ enabled mobile as heaven for Music...

It works with all Java enabled mobiles......

Download link for KD PLAYER

Download link for skins All skins work with all mobiles:

Blue crash:




Walkman 3:

Windows Media Player 11:

Mail me for help:

[email protected]

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For more Java Music player Visit here



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  • Guest 8 years ago

    Very nice hand have compromised yourself somewhere. Here I wish you continued follow-up Muzik Dİnle