My Funny Sms's
Senoreta • onSms 11 years ago • 2 min read

Man and Wife r watching a Boxing match. Husb says: 'Disgusting. It was ALL OVER in 4 minutes'. Wife comments: "NOW you know how I Feel.?

Q: Which is the most dificult sport in the world to watch? Ans: Women's doubles tennis because nine balls bounce at a time and u r in confusion which one to watch...

Sex ke baad ladka ladki se bola, Ab tumhe wo hoga jise log 'baccha' kahte hain. ladki boli, Aur tumhe wo hoga jise log "AIDS" kehte hain..

1) 5 lovly words-"i'll top my class 4 pleasant words-'I'll work hard" 3 sweet words-"i luv studyin" 2 spl words-"my books" 1 imp word-"LATER"...

2) In india,we hav only POSTMAN,but no POSTWOMAN,why? Bcos ,they take 9 months for DELIVERY

3) Dis ones awesome! How wud an angrez tel an indian naukar who cant undrstnd english 2 opened door. Speak Dis very fast. "There was a Cold Day

4) Its a Fact- A-Girl may not help u to get lot of Salary But..

Salary may help u to get lot of Girls. So, Love ur Work not Girls...!

5) "FRIENDS STAND BEHIND U DURING UR BAD TIMES" do u want a documentary proof ?? Ok,In future check out ur marriage album..U'll find al frns behind u !!!

6) Hazaro ladkiya aati hai hazaro jati hai hazaro hasti hai hazaro rulati hai lekin mere dost sath vohi nibhati hai jo Doli me aati hai

aur gale pad jati hai.

7) English Teacher: Make a sentence using "Neither-Nor"

Naughty boy Student: When girls wear tight fitting dresses, "NEiTHER" are they omfortable, "NOR" are we!

8) Santa told his frnd: " Yaar 1 ladki mujko hans k dekh rahi hai" Frnd: "Dhyan se dekh..hans k dekh rahi hai ya dekh k hans rahi hai.!"

9) Dost: "Tumhari toh RAM -SITA ki jodi lagti hai_

Man:"Bilkul Galat hai:

Naa to koi meri biwi ko utha ke le jaata hai,

Naa hi ye dharti me samaati hai!

10) 20000 index ki mahima nirali hai,suna hai nifty ambani ki gharwali hai,ye kaisi diwali hai,sensex hai bhara bhara,par aam admi ki jeb abhi bhi khali khali hai.!



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