My Love Is True
Sunny • on 11 years ago • 2 min read

When I fell in love with you that very day, I knew it was true. The love I found in you, I knew I never wanted to lose.

You mean far more than any words could say I wish I knew exactly why I feel this way. My love for you grows stronger every day. I hate the times when you are away. When we talk I hate to say, "Goodbye".

I would do anything for you to show you my love is true. I feel lucky to have someone like you. My love for you will never die, this I know is true, because my place in life is right beside you.

U told me "U r in my heart" But never kept me there

U told me "U r my life" But u never let me to be

U told me "I'm watin' for u" But u never was there

U told me "I like u so much" But was a puzzle on ur face

U told me "I feel ur heart" But u never disclose urs

U told me "I really miss u" But I found no sadness in the tone

U told me "U r my angel" But I know, u dnt believe in angels

U told me "I LOVE YOU" But it was followed by a great laugh

I never told u "U r my DREAM" But YOU ARE Indeed


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