My Poetry
Sunny • on 13 years ago • 1 min read

I have seen you in my dreams My heart is waiting for you But, still I don’t know you I haven’t seen you in real Let me say something…. I love you.

Please tell me where you are I love you; I live for you I saw you in my room Staring and winking at me I thought you’re born for me.

Please don’t say no to me I can’t live with out you Don’t you know? You’re my life; you’re my breath You’re everything to me…………

I paved my way for You My heart says I Love You In the name of love I’ll go to heaven and hell with you!

Let me keep saying you are the one; I never come across in my life. No one knows you, like me. So let me start saying I Love You! Hey, I don’t know how to express much; Let me give a clue, to share myself. Honey…… did you find me? In the dreams of me


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