My Princessca
Sunny • on 14 years ago • 2 min read


  1. Best friend: She must be a good friend to me. Mutual understanding is quite necessary. Deeply loyal to the idea of a relationship founded on mutual friendship and respect. The best kind of friend is the kind I can sit on a porch and have the best conversation I ever had.
  2. Intelligent: I need intellectual discussion. The girl should be intelligent, witty and communicative. Intellectual stimulation is very important for me. She is original, if not eccentric, and approaches the question of love as an intellectual matter.
  3. Trustworthy: One should be trustworthy. She is Responsible, Honest, Honorable, and Upright to me. In return I’ll deliver the same.
  4. Loving: She means it. Both ought to love each other. To regard with affection, but not by the looks it deceives. Looking for ideal love. I want strong willed personalities.
  5. Communicative: One who is Excellent in communication and doesn't have any barriers it in with to express her views and opinions. 
  6. Caring & Supportive: I need to be nursed by her. I need someone who makes me smile all the time and gives all kinds of support to me, which is a mental strength for me to accomplish my tasks. I believe that every success of a man there is a woman behind it.
  7. Dynamic & Daring:  One who is active all the time and takes life less seriously than I am. I need Someone who is lively and energetic. I like one who speaks from the heart and should be direct in approach.
  8. Emotional Bond: I need an Emotional Partner. Not by the heads and hands but by the spirits and souls. Making an emotional commitment. Well-matched to my underlying psychic and unconscious aspirations.
  9. Romantic: I need a romantic one. She need not write poems or send flowers every day. Passionate girl. Enlivened by intensity and passion
  10. Physical Bond: According to me she should be beautiful Exotic and erotic one. Her eyes, her lips, her skin, her hair... everything about her would arouse my ardor and sharpen my desire.

"Love me little, love me long. Hot love soon cold”

Is it me you're looking for? Right here waiting for YOU


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