Mystery Of Why Women Dump Men Solved
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

When your girl breaks up with you when you are not expecting the first reaction you have is a question in your mind. The question is nothing else but “why women dump men?” Your ex might have told you the reason why she is leaving you but that might not be the whole truth.

If you really want her back the first and foremost thing would be to understand why women dump men. They don’t leave men for silly reasons like leaving the refrigerator door open or coming home late from work. Even if she catches you ogling at a hot chick wearing a mini skirt in the mall it won’t be a reason enough for her to dump you. These may be annoying to them but not reason big enough to get out of a healthy relationship.

Lack of appreciation is one of the chief reasons why women dump men . Whether you actually appreciate her or not is not the main issue. The fact, her perception that she is not appreciated enough can lead her to think of walking out of the relation. Women usually take on a lot if they feel they are needed and their efforts are being appreciated. If they don't feel appreciated even any expensive gifts won’t make up for it.

Women usually do all sort of things to let you know what she feels. But men don’t really listen to what they want to say. The words spoken usually don’t convey the whole message. The tone and pitch of the voice need to be decoded to understand what exactly those words mean. When was the last time you actually listened to what she wanted to say?

How did you show her you appreciated her and you needed her? When did you last tell her you loved her? When was the last time you sat with her just to be with her and talk about everyday life? What little things did you do to let her know you appreciated her being in your life?

It's not unusual for guys to have missed all this. Guys think taking her out for a dinner once in a while is good enough. Watching the super bowl game on Sunday evening is more important than sharing a cup of coffee with her. Guys just assume that she knows they love her. The secure feeling they get from given her expensive gifts once in a while or taking her out for dinner is a false one.

Such isolated gestures are good but what matters more are the small things you do every day. And when men miss out on these they end up thinking why they are dumped by their women. It's usually too late when that happen.


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