Myths And Facts About Erectile Dysfunction
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Love is an amalgam of emotional attachment and sexual attraction to another person. Although an emotional connection is very important, sex is also part and parcel of our life. It is a journey of discovery and that two people undertake together. In fact life without sex can be very boring. Sex increases the pleasure of being in love.

In order to have intercourse, the man must have aroused which leads to him having an erect penis or erection. The maintenance of the erect penis is necessary for ejaculation, one important aspect of reproduction, and many forms of life could not reproduce naturally, without this ability. But what if a man can not get an erection? This state of not having an erection or inability to maintain erection for a long time for a satisfactory sexual activity is known as erectile dysfunction.

Do you have problems getting erections? Do you have any questions relating to intimacy with your partner? If so, then you can experience penile erectile dysfunction or impotence. Contrary to popular belief, impotence is not a disease. This condition is associated with certain physical disorders such as diabetes and low blood pressure. It can also be caused by stress and trauma. There is still much to understand about this condition. To help you get a clearer idea of what makes the impotence of man; here are some myths and facts about impotence.

Myth: Meeting of erectile dysfunction is inevitable as I age. It is not mandatory. Although the levels of sexual arousal in men change as they age, it does not mean that they are considered medically impotent. Older men may need more time to become aroused, or they may need more physical stimulation. They will also have a higher risk to get health problems like hypertension and diabetes, which can contribute to causes erectile dysfunction.

Fact: Smoking leads to impotence. Unfortunately, it's not a myth. Medical studies have proven that smoking causes impotence, reducing blood flow to the penis. Nicotine, a chemical that makes smoking addictive, restricts the flow of blood into the penis by blocking key arteries. In addition to blocking arteries, nicotine also limits the valve mechanisms, which observed blood in the penis.

Myth: If prescription drugs can not help me with impotence, then all is lost. Not necessarily so. There are other methods that are currently available that can help in the treatment of impotence. These methods are safe and effective, but should be encouraged and / or managed by certified physicians. One popular method for the treatment of impotence in those days impotence injections.

Myth: Young people do not feel powerless. This is completely wrong. In fact, they say that one in 10 men aged over 21 are bound to encounter erectile dysfunction. The reasons for these cases are likely due to the mental health of the patient, rather than his physical well-being.

Myth: My partner will not leave me as soon as I became impotent. Although erectile dysfunction can have a negative effect on couples, there are many treatments currently available to address this problem. Reports have shown that couples who received these procedures have undergone significant improvement in the quality of their relationship.

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