Nagaland Honeymoon Packages For Newlywed Couples
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Nagaland is the picturesque and located in the north east end of India. You should visit this colorful state of India with your new life partner. Honeymoon in Nagaland gives you the opportunity to visit the amazing scenic beauty, exquisite flora and fauna and soothing ambience. You will enjoy the rich traditions and cultural heritage of this place. Nagaland Honeymoon Packages will provide you the opportunity to visit the green forests, the rivers, mountains and adventure activities which add extra charm to this place.

There are many places in Nagaland for honeymoon couple. They can also enjoy adventure activities while visiting the beautiful places of Nagaland. You can enjoy many things along with your partner like trekking, mountain climbing, river rafting, camping, rock climbing and angling. This place is ideal for the honeymoon couples who are nature lovers and also adventure enthusiasts. Some of the important honeymoon destinations which you can easily visit with Nagaland Honeymoon Packages are:

  1. Dzukou Valley - This place is famous for trekking. It is a beautiful valley behind the Japfu peak which is in the south of the capital Kohima. In summer we can enjoy numerous herbs and flowers along the banks of the river and during winter the streams get frozen. Honeymoon couple can enjoy the amazing view of this place which is enveloped in a carpet of flowers. Here you can enjoy the beauty of nature very closely.
  1. Kohima Village - Kohima village is made with authentic tribal architecture. One must see this place with the Nagaland Honeymoon Packages. The beauty of this place is increased by the handicrafts in the Naga houses. There is a ceremonial gateway which is decorated with many symbols like weapons, warriors etc.

  2. Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary - This sanctuary is very close to the Myanmar border and it is totally different from other sanctuary. This place receives high rainfall and has a variety of flora and fauna.

  3. Japfu Peak - This is a beautiful place and it offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks. It is the second highest peak. You can view the 109 feet tall Rhododendron tree which is worth seeing. You should not miss the opportunity to book Nagaland Honeymoon Packages and visit this place.

  4. Dimapur - It is also known as the Gateway to Nagaland. Here you can enjoy Chumukedima Wild Life Sanctuary, Intangki Wild Life Sanctuary, the ruins of medival Kachari Kingdom etc with Nagaland Honeymoon Packages.

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