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The pedicure is not only where to wear your stylish sandals or walk barefooted on the beach...

If your feet do not present particular problems, you can do your own pedicures at home. So to have your legs look flawless and to be taken care of enjoyment, follow the right steps:

  • The day after the hydrating shower or bath is highly necessary.
  • Also, it should exfoliate once a week and use pumice to remove the hard skin. Insist on wild parts of the legs, such as heels.
  • To obtain your feet silky texture, get a new habit. Before bedtime you apply Vaseline and wear cotton ankle socks. In the morning your feet will, yes... silky.
  • The foot bath with tonic salts or essential oils is the perfect place of relaxation. Do not forget though, because it would weaken the thin film skin of your feet.

Massage - specific products for the feet is the ideal way to relax after a hectic day. To improve the system spread the product moves from the feet up and enjoy the pleasure...

Remember... Fingernails grow at three millimeters per month. It is therefore essential that the frequent filing, at least once in a fortnight. The handling is the worst enemy of the nail. Gloves may not suit you, but it is certain that they will protect you in full.

If your nails are soft, introduce a hardener, which increases durability. The protective polish creates a durable film that protects nails from external attacks, breaking and peeling.

The use of nail products, however, is not by itself enough to get good results. Necessary, therefore, provided proper care. So when you wash your hands, be sure to wipe thoroughly with a towel. Also, it is advisable to use a specific nutritional product, massage. Insist on the basis of the nails because they contribute to their development.

Vitamins and minerals strengthen the nails. Follow a cure that will keep them healthy and strong! Enrich your diet with foods that contain calcium, it helps develop robust claws.

If your hands have popped the night before going to sleep, put Vaseline and wear cotton gloves. The next, your hands will be silky texture!

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