Natural Beauty Makeup And Final Phase
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Base makeup On the face clean and well hydrated spread a makeup in shade as close to that of our skin. The spread in time from the forehead to the chin and nose to the cheeks. If you have dark circles, use a little concealer in a tone slightly lighter than your skin. Apply a little of the product patted with fingertips and always after you put the eye cream. • To meet the bags under the eyes, use light yellow -beige, and if you have freckles, they are covered with light green. • If the makeup is too enhanced or matte, you can dilute mixing some day cream with a little amount of makeup.

Eyebrows Fashion he wants to return to their natural shape. Commonly rich and fairly thick line. So forget the fine lines and very plucked almost non-existent eyebrows. • Get a pencil and shade to shade your eyebrows, highlight them and stabilize them using clear mascara.

Lashes First, if your eyelashes are very straight and small, use special scissors to the turn -out - before you put mascara, not to break - to highlight your eyes. Then continue spreading black mascara for a very strong effect or dark brown for more eye candy. If you're too tired, do not paint the bottom lashes, it will be even more evident weariness you. • To highlight correctly on your lashes, hold the brush horizontally, starting from their roots and moves zigzags Apply the product to the edges. For the lower eyelids hold the brush vertically and moves very carefully lay out a small quantity of the product. • If you have very pale lashes, you can paint in an institute with paint that lasts for about 3-4 months.

Shadow Apply it with a special brush or your finger. Little pink shade at the bottom of the eye will illuminate your eyes. If you again, you can put some shade in the color gold dome of the eye, right and left upper part of your nose for a brighter outcome. • This follows last trick has always been so glamorous look.

Lips If your dream is accented - limp lips of Jennifer Lopez, then do a first light piling your lips using your toothbrush to remove the ugly cuticle. Then apply a little olive oil or cocoa butter. Dab with a tissue and then put up a little bit of makeup. With a pencil the same shade of your lips, do the outline. Apply lip-gloss or translucent lipstick. • To last longer in effect, apply these products with a special brush.

The final phase The uniformity and the correct proportions and shading Flash is the secret of success of such makeup. Therefore highlight your cheeks blush spreading the proposed color peach / pink / rotten apple with moves from outside to inside and after you blow your brush well, to leave the unnecessary amount of blush. With an iridescent powder, illuminated the skin. Put a big brush on cheekbones and just below the eyebrows. If you have dry skin, apply a little powder and forehead, the tip of the nose and chin.

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