Natural Bladder Control Supplement - Relieving Painful Urination
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Frequent urination or overactive bladder is a commonly found disorder seen among age old people. It is mainly caused due to the malfunctioning of bladder nerves and muscles. Urinary bladder stones, kidney stones, Parkinson disease, stroke and spinal chord injuries are other causes for the malfunctioning of overactive bladder.

Overactive bladder is characterized by frequent urination and difficulty in controlling urine. Today, versatile natural bladder control supplements are easily available in market for assisting patients. Usage of these bladder control supplements under proper medications helps in strengthening bladder muscles and relieving painful urination.

Flotrol is a natural bladder control supplement mostly recommended by physicians. It can be used by both men and women belonging to any age group. Pumpkin seed extract and soybean germ extract are the key ingredients included in Flotrol. Presence of pumpkin seeds in Flotrol helps in calming bladder muscles and enhancing their strength. Isoflavones, an active ingredient in soybean germ extract is yet another component helping bladder control.

It is similar in function to estrogen and the lack of isoflavons may sometimes induce enlarged prostate in men and weakened urinary tract in women. All the ingredients included for the production of Flotrol are clinically proven. Intake of Flotrol prevents discomfort during urination and also helps in alleviating cramps and inflammations.

Curbita bladder capsule is a commonly used natural bladder control supplement used by overactive bladder patients. Curbita bladder capsule by Sanhelios is a fine example for these pumpkin oil capsules. It relieves painful urination and helps in strengthening your bladder muscles. Each capsule produced by Sanhelios is composed with 1000 mgs of rare European pumpkin oil which promote normal urination. Gelatin, glycerol and water are other ingredients included in Curbita bladder capsule. It is recommended to take Curbita bladder capsule thrice a day for better results. Pumpkin seed oil capsule, produced by cold pressing is another natural bladder control supplement easily available in the market. Cold pressing of pumpkin seeds are done so as to preserve its constituents.

D-Mannose powder is an important natural bladder control supplement suggested by physicians. D-Mannose, active component present in this medicine is responsible for its therapeutic property. It is a simple sugar component widely seen among plants like cranberries. Intake of D-mannose helps in relieving from the attack of foreign bodies. D-mannose adheres with foreign bodies and helps in preventing them from sticking with the lining of bladder. D-mannose powder is purely herbal, safe, and an effective natural supplement which can be taken without prescription.

Enuraid tab is another best known natural bladder control supplement used by overactive bladder patients. It is side effect free and hundred percent natural. Uricare urinary support capsules are yet another natural bladder control supplements suggested by physicians. Didymocarpus, saxifraga, prickly chaff flower and Indian madder are some of the key ingredients included in the production of Uricare capsules. It can be taken twice daily for faster curing of overactive bladder. Super CranActin, Cranberry Powder, Cranberry fruit caps, Asparagus Extract, UTI- Care and OrganiCran are other natural bladder control supplements commonly available in the market.

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