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Like the body's muscles, bones, and other vital organs, the brain feels the effect of aging. Through years of constant use and biological wear and tear, the brain gradually loses some of its sharpness in processing information and in relaying the multitude of signals essential to day-to-day functioning.

As people begin to age, they may begin to have problems with memory. One of the most noticeable problem areas involves the transient forgetting of names. Virtually everyone has this problem in older age. Causes of Memory Loss

  1. Medications - Some anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, some medications used to treat schizophrenia and sleeping pills can influence the reception and transmission of information.

  2. Alcohol Abuse and drugs - Heavy alcohol use and certain drugs can change chemicals in the brain that influence memory.

  1. Depression and Anxiety - These disorders disrupt the overall daily performance. Moreover, it is harder to retain in order when you are depressed.

Symptoms of Memory Loss

The most effectual way to realize that someone is pain from memory loss symptoms is to depend on the people who the person is interact with on a daily basis, to point out.

However, in most cases, it may not be detect, and may go on to aggravate itself with time.

It becomes more and more easier said than done to understand if the signs are of normal forgetfulness that happens with age or is it because of some detailed disorder of the brain.

Treatment for Memory Loss

It is quite widespread for people to experience from memory lapses. Quite often these memory lapses aggravate the threat of other weighty problems.

However, this doesn't mean that every time it occurs, it is the result of a stroke, dementia, Alzheimer's sickness or any other solemn problem. People often expect that their memory is sure to deteriorate with age.

Apart from medications, a memory loss treatment can be achieve by taking up certain routines and with the help of memory exercises.

Yoga for Memory Improvement

  1. Yoga asana: Sarvangasana and Bhujangasana are the two main asana, which are a great remedy to all your animal and mental problems.

  2. Pranayama: In pranayama, the mind is focused on the breath as it flows in and out of the body.

Oxygen and prana (energy) levels in brain and body also elevate due to the regulation of breath. Bhastrika, Kapalbhati and Brahmari Pranayam are the best. They get better the memory power and ease forgetfulness.

Tips for memory improvements

  1. Pay attention. You can’t consider something if you never learned it, and you can’t learn something — that is, encode it into your brain — if you don’t pay enough concentration to it. It takes about eight seconds of intent focal point to procedure a piece of information through your hippocampus and into the appropriate memory center. So, no multitasking when you need to concentrate! If you divert easily, try to receive information in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.

  2. Involve as many senses as possible. Even if you’re a diagram learner, read out loud what you want to remember. If you can recite it rhythmically, even better. Try to relate in order to colors, textures, smells and tastes. The physical act of rewrite information can assist imprint it onto your brain.

  3. Be motivated and keep a positive attitude. Tell yourself that you want to study what you need to remember, and that you can learn and remember it. Telling yourself you have a bad memory in reality hampers the capability of your brain to remember, while positive mental advice sets up an expectation of success.

  4. The concentration authority of a person has a heavy bearing on his/her memorizing ability. You can significantly enhance your memory by being able to fully focus on things. The more your think, the more you remember. Don’t divert your notice and avoid getting distracted, while keeping your focus sharp and intact. Be listening carefully on one thing at a time, as other things can surely wait to happen a little later.

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  • Edwin 8 years ago
    Most people don't know this, but symptoms like memory loss can be among the many possible anxiety symptoms. In people suffering from anxiety disorder, all kind of issues may arise, including severe memory problems that will intensely add to the person's stress levels. Fortunately, these effects can be reversed by finding new ways to relax such as getting more exercise or doing yoga.