Natural Cure For Joint Pain Relief And Arthritis Treatment
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Arthritis is an inflammation of one or more joints caused by the wear and tear injury or any infection. It is more common than cancer and heart problems. In brief we can say that it is the condition that affects the health of the bone joints in the body.

The various symptoms of arthritis are:

  1. Joint pain
  2. Swelling of joints
  3. Limitation of movement
  4. Swelling of joints
  5. Stiffness of the joints
  6. There are many types of arthritis and each of them has a different cause of occurrence. The common causes of arthritis are:
  1. Obesity and overweight
  2. Preceding age
  3. Heredity factors
  4. Hormonal changes
  5. Weather changes
  6. Excessive acid in the body
  7. Nutrient deficiencies

Home remedies for Arthritis

  1. Two teaspoons of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey taken in a cup of warm water twice daily are highly beneficial for the treatment of arthritis.

  2. Half teaspoon of turmeric powder taken with warm water twice a day is also effective in curing arthritis.

  3. Application of hot packs and ice packs for 10 minutes also provides relief from joint pains.

  4. Drinking alfalfa tea twice daily is also beneficial for the treatment of arthritis.

  5. Drink some radish juice with sugar added to it.

  6. Soak Spiegel seeds in water, make a poultice and apply it on the joints for immediate relief from pain.


Joint pain is on of the symptoms of arthritis. It affects one or more joints. Many types of injuries or conditions can cause it. Joint pain can also be caused by the inflammation.

The other causes of joint pain are:

  1. Joint injury
  2. Infections like viral infections, bacterial infections etc.
  3. Joint strains
  4. Auto-immune diseases
  5. Nervous system disorder

Home remedies for Joint Pain

  1. Warm baths is the highly beneficial water treatment for the joint pains.

  2. Drink 15 grams of fresh spinach juice daily with an empty stomach without adding any salt or sugar to it.

  3. Massaging the affected area with any oil will provide relief from the pain.

  4. Drink a cup of papaya seed tea six or seven times daily for two or three weeks for relief from joint pain.

  5. Eat porridge of 2 teaspoonfuls of winter cherry with ghee and molasses with an empty stomach for 15 days.

  6. Diet also plays an important role in the treatment of arthritis and joint pain. Improvement in the digestion and metabolism of the body is very important for the treatment. Heavy meals, meat and fish, sour fruits and fried foods should be avoided, as they are difficult to digest. Consumption of rice during nighttime should be avoided. Among fruits bananas are considered best as they provide strength to the joints and grease them. Carrot juice is highly beneficial as it strengthens the ligaments. Besides diet rest is also important for the patients suffering from arthritis and joint pain.

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