Natural Diet For Weight Loss
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image But what to do lose weight fast or what is the ideal weight loss? Many scientists define as the ideal weight loss up to 1% of body weight per week....

The holidays have passed and those of you who strayed from the exercise program and diet, perhaps gained some excess weight and stress they generate. Most of us often resort to crash diets questionable effectiveness for rapid weight loss. However, this is sometimes dangerous to our health. We should follow a balanced eating plan, which aims to reduce the weight constant within the permissible limits of our organization.

But what is the ideal weight loss? This weight loss is acceptable in order to prevent any major health problems. Consequently, as determine how many pounds a week we should lose, we go to our diet plan. A properly structured diet program has the following characteristics: 1) Many small meals. Organize your schedule so you get 5 meals a day. Never leave your stomach empty. Every 3-4 hours should be a meal or snack. 2) Always get breakfast. Do not ever miss your daily diet. It is important to cover a large proportion of total daily calories 200-300 calories at least. It has been shown in surveys that people who do not eat breakfast are more likely to become obese. 3) The digestion begins in the mouth. Chew slowly and carefully. Each meal should keep at least 15-20 minutes. The brain needs time to get the message that blood glucose is satisfactory and feel satiety. 4) Every day that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. 5) Do you prefer milk yogurt and low fat? 6) To minimize the butter, sugar and oils from your diet. 7) The portion size should be larger than the size of our palm. 8) Limit red meat to a serving a week. You can enrich your diet with fish and poultry by removing the fat. 9) Never leave your body dehydrated. The water helps to smooth cellular function and regulates body temperature. 10) Exercise: A successful diet is accompanied by a proper workout. We need many hours and tiring trainings. Start with 20 minutes a day swimming, walking or cycling in the water and increase the duration depending on the strength and mood.

There are no magic recipes to lose weight. A balanced diet together with aerobic exercise is the most ideal and safest way of losing overweight.

Exercising in water is the best and safest way sports and entertainment. Enjoy the water and learn about everything that can offer the natural weight loss and body healthy.


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