Natural Hair Care Tips And Tips To Control Hair Fall And Hair Loss
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Hair care is something everyone can afford. It doesn't mean spending much money, it means taking care of your hair everyday. As there is a habit of brushing one's teeth in the morning and in the evening, one should cultivate the habit of providing hair care every day. Healthy hair must not be taken for granted because it can disappear very quickly. Everyone, including women, men, and children, should know hair care tips, nevertheless the fair sex is interested in this topic more than others.

It can be easily understood, because women always try to be more beautiful and charming, and hair improves any appearance. In the ancient times, women who had long healthy hair were more attractive for the opposite sex, as it meant that hair could warm her and her child when it was cold. Now, it is not so necessary, but this stereotype's been preserved in people's subconsciousness to our times.

Natural Hair care is one of the indispensable parts of beauty care. Proper and adequate hair care is essential to maintain quality hair growth.

Combing before going for a shower is best so that the untangled knots are removed. This saves time while showering as the strands are aligned.

Similarly, ripping through tangles in the hair should never be done as it will end in clumps of hair.

The lifestyle and diet determines the beauty of the hair. Deficiencies of minerals and vitamins affect the hair quality and get plagued with thinning, premature graying, dandruff and various other problems. Avoid using very hot or cold water while washing the hair. Rinsing the hair with lemon juice mixed in warm water gives the required shine and glow.

Applying shampoo directly to the scalp is best avoided. Shampoos should be used depending on the hair nature. Shikakai powder is the best for washing hair as there are no chemicals. Instead using urad dal paste mixed with fenugreek powder is superb for hair wash.

Amla is good to retain the luster and hair color, while the coriander leaves are good to tone the hair. Allow the water to fall from the top of the head. Oiling the hair once a week is a must. Trimming the hair once in two months in best to prevent the split ends.

Avoid tying the hair tightly at the back and rubber bands causing damage to the hair should be strictly avoided. Eating vegetables, dark green fruits as well as orange fruits are good for hair growth.

Tomatoes, cereals and green vegetables should be taken with regular diet as it offers enough vitamins. Subsequently, whole grains and wheat germ offers the desired minerals such as zinc, copper and iron. Hair need not be washed frequently.

Natural Hair care certainly includes preventing hair loss and this can be prevented by drinking a mix of skimmed milk, yogurt, bananas and honey. Similarly, sleeping well, massaging the scalp using essential oil and keeping away from stress is mandatory.

Natural Hair care implies that there should be no dandruff and this can be eliminated, if any by applying table salt to the scalp and washing it using shampoo. Hair care is best by avoiding chemicals and by being gentle. Good hair products should be used besides eating properly, exercising and sleeping well.

A hot oil rub once a week is enough and to avoid graying of hair apply henna powder mixed in curd, fenugreek powder, coffee, mint juice and basil juice. This should be applied and left for two hours. It will give the required dark color. This can be neatly washed with natural shampoo.

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