Natural Herbal Cellulite Removal - Is It Really Effective?
Dr Andrew Napier • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

Cellulite, although it doesn't imply any risk for the health, is tremendously bothering, especially for women. It looks terrible and it is very stubborn. Cellulite is the result of toxin and waste accumulation, due to poor lymph circulation. It is very difficult to be removed and it can really frustrate someone.

The market is full of anti cellulite creams, but unfortunately they are not all effective. It is hard to choose a product and the other alternatives don't seem pretty appealing. There is always the surgical method of removing cellulite, but besides being very expensive, it is not a thrilling perspective for any lady.

It is common knowledge that exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water in order to flush out the toxins is recommended for getting rid of cellulite. However, many women feel the need for an adjuvant product that will speed up and help this process. The best approach to the problem is, as in many cases, the natural one.

Using herbs for solving beauty and health problems is not new and they are very popular because of their effectiveness and because they don't have any side effects. Rather than applying all sorts of chemicals on their skin, many women prefer to choose an herbal cellulite removal cream.

The power of natural ingredients, which are helping even people in serious medical conditions and which were always the allies of beauty, is going to give a helping hand in what concerns cellulite. You are probably wondering which the ingredients to look for when buying an herbal cellulite removal cream are. For instance, gotu kola is something to look for in anti cellulite creams. It improves the blood circulation and it also strengthens the connective tissues, leading to a firmer and better looking skin on the affected areas.

Grape seeds have about the same effect and they reinforce the elasticity of the lymphatic vessels. An anti cellulite cream containing horse chestnut or green tea is also a good investment. Horse chestnut improves the blood flow and the conditions of capillary vessels and also makes your skin smoother. Green tea is a wonderful herb with plenty of properties, one of them being the fact that it is a blood thinner. Its high content of antioxidants prevents aging.

Other ingredients that are effective if contained in an herbal cellulite removal cream are ginkgo biloba, dandelion, sea weed or primrose oil. It is always better to have a natural approach towards problems, regardless their type.

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