Natural Home Remedies For Amnesia
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Amnesia is a thoughtful memory loss which is usually caused either by physical injury to the brain or by the ingestion of a toxic matter which affects the brain. In addition, the memory loss can be cause by a traumatic, emotional event.

Amnesia is most commonly associated with either brain damage from side to side injury or degeneration of brain cells in dementia. In both cases, brain cells are lost, and due to the complex network connecting cells within the human brain, they cannot be replaced. Most important brain damage occurs when the brain is injured such as in a car accident or as the result of a fall or blow. These traumas tend to cause a state of confusion, and some memory is often lost.

There are different types of Amnesia: -

• Anterograde amnesia - In this kind of amnesia the patient loses all its senses and is far away from remembering the current events after the trauma or disease affected the patient. • Emotional/hysterical amnesia - This can be said as the temporary condition which wont be lasting for a long time and is basically caused by psychological trauma. • Source amnesia - the person can remember certain information, but does not know how or where they got that information

• Lacunar amnesia - This state of amnesia creates a blockage in your mind for a specific event. • Korsakoff syndrome - This is caused due to the constant intake of alcohol and can also be said as the state of alcoholism. • Posthypnotic amnesia - This kind of amnesia is due to the prolonged hypnotic state which keeps your mind unfit to remember the events which happened during hypnosis as well as in order have been part of your long-term memory. • Transient global amnesia - This kind of amnesia occurs to people who are middle-aged or elderly and it is short term memory loss lasting for few minutes. • Retrograde amnesia - often thought of as the opposite of intergraded amnesia. The patient cannot remember events that occurred before his/her trauma, but remembers things that happen after it normally.

What Symptoms of Amnesia: -

• Impaired ability to recall past events and previously familiar information (retrograde amnesia) • False recollections (confabulation), either completely invented or made up of genuine memories misplaced in time • Confusion or disorientation • Partial memory loss • Total memory loss • Inability to recognize familiar faces or place

Home Remedies for Amnesia: -

• Perennail booti is also helpful in curing forgetfulness. Dry about seven grams of this herb in a shady place. Grind it, along with seven kernels of almonds and half a gram of pepper. Add water to form a decoction. Strain the decoction and add twenty-five gm sugar. Drink this mixture, on an empty stomach, every morning, for about a fortnight. • One can cure amnesia with five seeds of finely ground black pepper mixed with one tsp of honey. This is considered very effective remedy for curing amnesia. The remedy should be taken two times a day, in morning and evening. • As a home remedy for amnesia, the diet of a person suffering from amnesia should consist of phosphorus rich food such as cereals, pulses, nuts, eggyolk, fruit juices and cow-milk. • Walnut is another unique dry fruit valuable in countering brain weakness. About twenty grams of walnuts should be taken every day. The value of walnuts is enhanced if they are taken with figs or raisins in a proportion of ten gram each, everyday.

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