Natural Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids That Are Simple And Effective
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Hemorrhoids or Piles is a painful condition of the rectum that arises due to the inflammation of the rectal veins and can be internal or external. The pain is accompanied by itching and bleeding of the rectum. In most of the cases, Piles is caused due to chronic constipation, when too much pressure is exerted while defecating that results in the inflammation and bleeding of the veins.

It is a common condition observed in people of all age groups but the condition is most painful in pregnant women. The external hemorrhoids can be easily felt outside the anus, while in internal hemorrhoids painless bleeding is observed. Hemorrhoids produce extreme discomfort while sitting, often landing in embarrassing situations.


  1. Pain and itching in the anal area often followed by bleeding.
  2. Inflammation or swelling outside the anus.
  3. Urge of defecation even if there is no stool in the rectum.


Constipation is the major cause for Hemorrhoids and this result due to

  1. Insufficient fiber in the daily diet.
  2. Excessive consumption of oily and fatty foods.
  3. Insufficient fluid intake.
  4. Obesity

Other factors contributing to this disorder are -

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Weight Lifting
  3. Irregular toilet habits
  4. Diarrhea in some cases

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can result in heavy blood loss demanding urgent medical intervention. Simple home remedies are highly beneficial in curing piles completely.

  1. Taking 3-4 figs soaked in water including the water in which it is soaked, early in the morning is a very good home remedy for hemorrhoids.

  2. Lots of leafy greens must be included in the daily diet to facilitate easy bowel movement.

  3. Sesame is very helpful in treating hemorrhoids. Boiling about 20 grams of sesame seeds in half liter water and drinking the mixture gives good results.

  4. Consuming 60 -90 ml. of radish juice adding a pinch of salt, every morning in empty stomach helps in treating this problem.

  5. Application of a paste of radish and milk on the inflamed areas also reduces the pain and the swelling.

  6. Taking powdered mango seeds once or twice with or without honey is effective in treating bleeding hemorrhoids.

  7. Taking few jambul fruits also helps in reducing hemorrhoids.

  8. Applying a cold compress of witch hazel extract on the affected areas with a cotton pad helps in relieving the pain.

  9. Strong infusion of calendula used in sitz bath is highly effective in treating hemorrhoids as the herb helps in reducing pain and inflammation.

  10. Various yoga postures and exercises also gives good results in hemorrhoid treatment, but these should be carried out under a suitable guidance.

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Hemorrhoids Remedies


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