Natural Home Remedies For Psoriasis That You Ought To Know
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Psoriasis is one of the commonly known skin disorders that arise due to faulty metabolic functions or a drop in the body immunity system. People of both sexes aged between 15-30 years are mostly affected by this disease, leaving out the infants and the aged. The skin becomes thick with the formation of red and silvery patches resembling scales followed by itching and pain.

Psoriasis mainly affects the knees, elbows, trunk, skin behind the ears and scalp, which sometimes spread to the genitals and underarms. It is not a contagious disease but demands serious attention to prevent aggravation.


The following symptoms point towards Psoriasis

  1. Appearance of scaly silvery and red patches on the skin
  2. Pain and itching of the skin
  3. Foul smell coming out of the body
  4. Irritation of the skin


Following are the probable causes of Psoriasis

  1. Faulty metabolism of amino acids
  2. Abnormal skin growth
  3. Poor body immunity
  4. Heredity
  5. Skin injury or any infection
  6. Unhealthy lifestyle.

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Below is the list of some simple home remedies, which are highly effective in treating Psoriasis.

  1. 1 drop of oregano oil and 2 drops of calendula oil are mixed in a cup of olive oil, and gently rubbed on the affected skin. This is a very useful remedy for Psoriasis.

  2. A decoction is prepared by simmering 25 grams each of Chamomile and Burdock flowers in half liter of water. Few drops of honey are added to it and kept in the refrigerator. Taking 3-4 tablespoons of this decoction regularly is very useful in this treatment.

  3. 4 marigold flower heads are boiled in 4 cups of water for two minutes and cooled. Massaging this mixture on the scalp and washing it off with a mild shampoo reduces the skin irritation due to Psoriasis. Few drops of lemon juice or cider vinegar can be added to the rinsing water for a better wash.

  4. Application of a mud pack of Fuller's earth mixed with water on the affected areas produces excellent results that help in removing the toxins from the skin.

  5. Hot Epsom salt baths are widely practiced in treating Psoriasis. The skin absorbs the salt and improves the blood circulation. Application of olive oil after the bath gives better results.

  6. Application of the de-veined cabbage leaves on the affected areas is another useful home remedy incurring Psoriasis.

  7. Regular sea bathing or applying sea water on the affected areas is one of the best remedies for this skin disorder.

  8. It is also beneficial to apply a mixture of Aloe Vera gel and olive oil on the affected skin as the herb has remarkable skin healing properties.

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Psoriasis Remedies


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