Natural Menopause Relief Supplements And Treatment That You Should Know
Dr Andrew Napier • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

Supplements that handle menopause are there and most of them are herbal; these natural products are well proven to wade off the symptoms and deliver the much needed relief. Lessening the pain and severity with a view to shutting off the prolonged episodes of this situation is the core of these supplements. The fight is all about the war on night sweats, sleeplessness, mood swings, weight gain etc.

At your door step is one component called "DON'T PAUSE" which comes with pomegranate and green tea; a quite popular refined product that is safe and delivers amazing results. It is non prescriptive and may be delivered any where with ease. This product comforts and ensures you get the most peaceful nights. All symptoms become a thing of the past and you move on with day-to-day activities without any worry.

The more direct natural supplements are black cohosh, maca root, dong quai, and red clover. Black cohosh is one of the common plants of eastern North America; known to greatly relieve all symptoms of menopause. The plant has extracts that mimic estrogen hormones; the mode of action is exactly the same. This plant estrogen stimulates the vagina wall to release the required lubricant to ease any conceived dryness.

The thermostat of the body is controlled by the hypothalamus and these secretions work on this organ in the brain directly turning on the poor mechanism to control the temperature again. The same chemicals overturn leutenizing hormone levels to a manageable level that will not temper again with the body temperature. Whatever the side effects, the benefits outweigh everything.

Dong quai a Chinese product that has been in use for centuries has vitamins A, B12 and E; and is usually taken with black cohosh very well. The plant releases the same phytoestrogens like black cohosh that boosts estrogen levels in the body. A higher capacity of estrogens usually counters any symptom of menopause.

Dong quai takes care of hot flashes, vaginal dryness and mood swings. It is also known to boosts blood flow in the body by widening the blood veins. While it is provided in form of tablets, its root may also be added to common tea and taken without any harm to the body.

Maca plant grown in South America by inhabitants for many years, has aphrodisiac properties because it is often taken with food. Unlike the other two plants, maca instead releases a compound called adaptogen which alone is capable of balancing the corrupted hormones in the body. When this is done, the body systems become awake and start doing its normal duty. The active ingredient found on the root has other elements namely iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium plus vitamins.

Red clover is a plant found in Asia and Europe; I must say it has the same plant estrogens just like black cohosh and works exactly in the same style. It will also provide you with other elements and vitamins and has all it takes to manage hot flashes very well. These plant estrogens stimulate an increase in production of estrogens to balance off the effect of menopause. The product is taken in capsule form and this has made it very palatable to would be users. It shuts off hot flushes within no time and increases the presence of good cholesterol in the body.

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