Natural Prevention Arthritis And Causes Of Arthritis
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A cure for arthritis may now be available but it also depends upon the types of arthritis. It can be diagnosed at any local hospital or by any general practitioner. When you see your physician, don’t hesitate to provide full description of pain, stiffness or other symptoms.

Arthritis affects everyone but especially people who are about 80 years and above. Yes, more aged people undergo from arthritis, but that doesn't mean it's always the case. Even children could be brought down with arthritis; however, the older people are the mostly affected.

Relief for the disease has improved in recent years. Corticosteroids which are medication, decrease inflammation and pain, and damage joint. Drugs used to control the disease come under two categories: those that are used to make living with the symptoms easier, and those that have the possible to change the course of the debility. Weight is very important when it comes to arthritis. If you are more than 30 pounds overweight, having this extra stress can affect your joints and create arthritis pain.

Causes of Arthritis: - Inflammation is a reaction of the body that causes swelling, redness, pain, and loss of motion in an affected area. It is the major physical problem in the most serious forms of arthritis.

• Age • Previous Injury • Weight • Psychological factors • Illness or Infection • Hepatitis A • Stress
• Joint instability • Hormonal factors

Natural Prevention Arthritis: -

• Yoga - Yoga has helped arthritic patients with improving confidence, mood, self-awareness, range of motion, relaxation, blood circulation, concentration, stress and pain reduction, health of bones, tendons, muscles and joint ligaments. • Emu Oil - due to its small molecular weight, Emu Oil easily penetrates skin membrane and delivers its soothing relief to sore joints. Its anti-inflammatory properties make preparations with Emu Oil more and more popular among health professionals and sportsmen. • Vitamin B - This is an efficient pain-killer. It acts well on the knees and can aid in stopping degeneration that is triggered by free-radical molecules, not only in the joints but also in some other body parts. • Exercise - when balanced with rest, can help reduce pain and stiffness, making muscles stronger and joints more flexible. Consult your doctor first, however, before beginning an exercise program. • Down Dog Variation - This position is for alignment, balance upper and lower body strength and flexibility. In a standing position, with feet parallel and straight beneath the hips, pointed forward, face a wall. Point knees straight ahead, bend them slightly and place your hands against the wall, slightly higher than your shoulders, shoulder-distance apart. • Ginger - An antioxidant that functions as an anti-inflammatory without any of the foremost side effects.

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