Natural Remedies For Constipation That Will Ease Your Discomfort
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Use of natural remedies helps the body in keeping metabolism rate high naturally to avoid constipation problem. Mostly it occurs due to slow metabolism which can be due to poor eating habits, untimely diet, etc.

Many types of minor and major reasons can initiate constipation, use of natural remedies helps the body in keeping metabolism rate high naturally to avoid this problem. Hard to pass stools, straining during bowel movement and dry fecal matter which is painful and difficult to pass out are caused due to constipation.

Mostly constipation occurs due to slow metabolism which can be due to poor eating habits, untimely diet, too much spicy or greasy food, consuming food difficult to digest, consumption of contrary foods, poor secretion of digestive enzymes and ageing.

Consumption of 4-5 bananas during the day or consumption of guava on an empty stomach in the morning is good natural remedy for mild or occasional constipation. Using ginger in the food as a spice or as a salad ingredient in raw form also supports digestive system to counter constipation.

Mixing lime juice with salt and consumed with lukewarm water during the day also improves digestive system. Take 12-15 grapes and remove seeds from them, soak these fresh grapes in the milk and later boil them. Strain the mixture and separate grapes and milk, consume this milk and chew the grapes in the night after dinner to cure constipation.

If grapes are not available then boiling milk with raisins is also effective in treating constipation. Drinking a glass of hot milk with two teaspoons of molasses mixed in it before going to bed is also an effective natural remedy for constipation however people suffering with diabetes or high cholesterol shall not use this remedy as molasses is high on sugar and calories.

Mixing equal quantities of ginger powder and senna leaves powder and consume this mixture of powders with warm water before going to bed cures constipation effectively.

Figs are extremely good for promoting digestion and smooth bowel movement, consumption of figs after the meal or consumed in the morning after soaking them in water overnight can cure chronic constipation. Seven to eight figs boiled in water on a low flame for at least 30 minutes and later consuming the water also treats constipation very well.

Fruit of terminalia chebula is also very effective in curing constipation, one fruit sliced and fried in clarified butter and mixed with equal quantity of black salt, one teaspoon of this mixture can be taken with warm water before going to bed everyday, and this natural remedy can cure constipation permanently if used for one week. One teaspoon of fennel seeds soaked in warm water and consumed before going to bed also helps in improving digestive system and promoting smooth bowel movement.

Intake of fruits like papaya after a heavy meal can ensure proper digestion and including tomatoes, beet roots, celery, carrots and radish in salad during lunch and dinner also promotes proper digestion of food and counters constipation. Bael fruit is very effective laxative, one fruit of bael can promote smooth bowel movement. Consumption of sufficient quantity of water during the day, at least 6-8 glasses of water, is the simplest natural remedy for constipation. Taking a walk after meals, sufficient physical activity and exercises can keep the metabolism rate high to avoid constipation and other digestive problems away.

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