Natural Remedies For Diabetes Treatment
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There are a large number of scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of plant foods in the management of diabetes. Through the centuries, more than 400 plants have been identified, and used as prescribed natural remedies for diabetes.

Raw onions and garlic are the most commonly used anti-diabetic drugs in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Common mushroom is widely used in parts of Europe to lower blood sugar. Other foods used to treat diabetes include beans, cabbage, cinnamon, coriander, cucumber, fenugreek seeds, Indian gooseberry, vegetables and salad.

All these foods have anti-diabetic properties. Scientific studies have confirmed that most of those foods, or lower blood sugar and insulin production promotion. Here are some of the main foods that help lower blood sugar or stimulate insulin production in diabetic patients.

Artichoke is also used to treat diabetes because of the high insulin content. A fully ripe artichoke is supposed to be more than two percent of the insulin. Ripe artichokes are usually available only in autumn or fall. The insulin is converted into sugar in the winter. Artichokes are most effective when eaten raw in salads.

Beer yeast is rich in traces of mineral chromium. This mineral helps the pancreas to produce more insulin. It is a leading support for the normal handling of sugar by the body.

Broccoli is also an effective anti-diabetic food. It is the supreme source of chromium, a trace element that appears to lower blood sugar. This trace mineral regulates blood sugar, making the medication and insulin needs of diabetes.

Bengal gram, also known as chickpeas, is a valuable anti-diabetic food. Experiments have shown that the intake of water extract of Bengal gram enhances the use of glucose in diabetic and normal people.

Black gram is an anti diabetic food. Germinated black gram taken with half cup of fresh bitter gourd juice is an effective remedy for treating mild forms of diabetes. It should be taken once a day for 3-4 months with a reduced intake of carbohydrates. Milk was prepared by grinding sprouted whole black gram is also good for diabetics.

Curd introduces friendly bacteria in the digestive system, stimulating the pancreas. It washes the pancreas of acids and waste. This cleansing action makes the pancreas to perform much better and thus help in the production of insulin.

This sub-acid fruit is one of the most valuable fruits which were finally found in the treatment of diabetes. Pectin is a natural therapeutic compound in the inner part of the rind and the flesh. It helps to detoxify the body by supplying the acid needed for the removal of certain harmful substances. This food element reduces the body’s insulin requirements by about 35 percent.

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