Natural Treatment For Acne (Pimples) And Remedies To Prevent Acne
Dr. Mital John • on 9 years ago • 3 min read

Acne is a disorder that causes outbreak of skin lesions. Oil and dead skin cells clogging the skins pore cause acne. Oil is a natural substance, which lubricates and protects the skin, and under certain circumstances, cells that are close to the surface block the opening of oil glands and cause an increase of oil underneath. This oil stimulates bacteria to multiply and cause nearby tissues to become inflamed.

Several other factors have also been shown to affect acne: -

• Age - Teenagers are more likely than anyone to develop acne. • Gender - Boys have more severe acne and develop it more often than girls. • Disease - Hormonal disorders can complicate acne in girls.

• Hormonal changes - Acne can flare up before menstruation, during pregnancy, and menopause. • Drugs - Acne can be a side effect of antibiotics, oral contraceptives, and anabolic steroids. • Cosmetics - Oil-based makeup and hair sprays worsen acne. • Environment - Exposure to oils and greases, polluted air, and sweating in hot weather can all aggravate acne. • Stress - Emotional stress may contribute to acne.

What you need is a special cleanser that would get rid of oil from your face, preventing acne from appearing. Salicylic acid does that very nicely. A facial cleanser that contains 2 percent of salicylic acid can prevent acne.

It is always a good idea to use natural treatment than human made chemicals. Because natural medicines don't produce any unenthusiastic side effects. Don't you want to know that what you're placing on your skin and in your body? Don't you want to spend less money on treatment by using home-produced products and foods?

The natural pastes that can prevent acne are orange peel paste, cucumber leaves paste, honey and cinnamon powder paste and black cumin seed powder pastes. Some other mixes and pastes that Grandmas suggest to curb acne include a mix of pomegranate powder with fresh lime, a blend of turmeric powder with sandalwood and of course the venerable Neem powder paste.

• Make a little review of your lifestyle for the past few years or months and look if you have been neglecting so much skin and body care lately. • Take small amount of ground almonds and honey and make a fine paste. Gently massage this paste on your face with a hot washcloth and then rinse with cold water. • Make sure that you get enough sleep of at least 8 hours or more. • Eat three hearty meals and healthy snacks on the side. • Lemon Juice - With this particular natural acne cure you need to be drinking it rather than applying it to the infected areas. Ideally you should be drinking around a half glass each day which you can mix into some water. This particular treatment is one that helps to remove the build up of toxins in the body that are helping the bacteria that are causing the eruption of the acne spots to be removed from it. • Give your body enough water supplies by drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily.

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