Natural Treatment For Low Sperm Count And Low Sex Drive That You Can Trust
Dr Andrew Napier • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

Low sperm count is the main reason behind male infertility. It basically refers to the fact that semen does not contain an adequate number of spermatozoa and this makes it difficult for a man to leave a woman pregnant. Low sperm count can have a multitude of causes. A chaotic lifestyle is very likely to cause it, as well as certain medical conditions.

It can also be the result of smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming recreational drugs or simply applying to much heat on your testicles or wearing tight underwear. Low semen count is a complex condition that it's sometimes generated by a combination of factors.

If low sperm count is also associated with low sex drive, over masturbation can easily be responsible for it. Over masturbation makes you feel exhausted, both sexually and physically. It also deprives you of body fluids containing important vitamins and minerals and it entirely messes up the hormones in your body. Ejaculating too often, whether it is due to over masturbation, to excessive wet dreams or to lovemaking, damages the reproductive system and makes it function improperly.

Treatment for low sperm count and low sex drive must begin with identifying the root cause of these two problems. Once you have done so, it would be easy to pick an herbal supplement that will take care of your body. What an herbal supplement must do is to balance your hormonal levels again, to provide you energy and stamina, to improve the blood flow and to replenish the lost minerals and vitamins in your body. Most of the herbal supplements have far more complex results than those listed above. They take care of every aspect involved in low semen count and they also contain aphrodisiac herbs that will boost your sex drive. Night Fire capsules and Musli Strong capsules both are good for treatment for low sperm count and low sex drive.

You can also do a few things that will make the treatment for low sperm count and low sex drive more efficient. Give up smoking, alcohol and drugs because they really decrease your semen count. Also eat healthy because vitamins and minerals like zinc and selenium influence the quality and motility of your sperm. Some foods, like oysters for instance, are powerful aphrodisiacs due to their high content of zinc. Regular exercise won’t harm either and don't forget the most important thing that will help in curing low sperm count and low sex drive: reduce or even eliminate stress.

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