Natural Treatment Tips Of Lethargy
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When you are suffering from lethargy, there are some signs that can be easily seen as indicators of this problem. The most common signs include the feeling of being constantly tired, both physically and mentally. Drowsiness or constantly feeling the need to lie down and sleep is one of the most prevalent symptoms of lethargy.

Lethargy is another term synonymous with fatigue and weakness

in that it also describes another form of tiredness associated with slowness, poor reaction time, sluggishness or listlessness. It is often felt when waking up in the morning and may indicate a serious symptom that needs medical attention; whereas fatigue and weakness are symptoms of a physical disease that may or may not be attended to by a doctor.


Weakness often is physical, attacking the muscles whereas fatigue and lethargy go a little bit further into the mind; often there is loss of appetite and several other determinable diagnostic signs. If it happen enough sleep and good nutrition fails to relieve fatigue then, obviously there is more to it.

Symptoms of Lethargy and Fatigue – Some of the symptoms of fatigue include:

• Feeling of tiredness all the time • Changes in bowel movement • Appetite changes: You feel hungry at odd times, maybe midnight, early morning, at times that are not common • You find it very boring to do your routine normal tasks. One of main lethargy symptom is when you really do not feel like doing the regular tasks that you were enjoying doing earlier. In addition, you are fatigued. • Another important sign of lethargy and fatigue is your lack of concentration. You may be dong something but your mind is not at that task. Plus you may not complete the tasks in hand and move over to do something else.


• Depression - one of the main causes of this problem • High blood pressure • Low blood pressure • Head injury • Alcohol abuse • Drug abuse • Diabetes • Constipation

Emotional Symptoms

Although the primary emotion associated with depression is sadness, lethargy creates other emotional symptoms. The multitude of impairments you experience from lethargy makes your daily tasks challenging. As tasks you once found easy become increasingly difficult, you may experience emotions such as frustration and irritability. You may also experience hopelessness because of this cycle of impairment, along with poor decision making and feelings of frustration. This cycle is difficult for you to break on your own.

Lethargy Prevention align

In addition, when the body goes without food for too long, it starts to rely on internal food stores in order to survive. Therefore, it is important to eat breakfast every morning in order to keep the body’s energy levels high.

If the patient suffers from any form of anemia, it is important for them to check their iron levels on a daily basis. Anemia often results in fatigue since there is not enough blood to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide from the lungs to the body and vice versa, respectively.

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