Natural Ways To Grow Taller - How To Increase Height The Right Way
Andrew Carmiel • onHealth & Beauty 10 years ago • 2 min read

There are several natural ways to grow taller. For example: taking herbal supplements, doing swimming, playing basket ball, and performing stretching exercises regularly. In this article, we will take a look at the best ways to increase your height naturally without breaking your bank account or giving you any side effect that you have to deal with later on.

But first let's answer this question, why you want to grow taller? Height has been associated a lot with self-confidence and physical attraction. A lot of people feel they are more confidence and attractive when they are taller. Even though height in reality can't be associated 100% with self-confidence and attraction but there is nothing wrong if you want to gain several inches.

One of the best natural ways to grow taller is to eat food rich in lean protein. Eating food rich in lean protein regularly can prompt your body to produce growth hormone in massive quantity. Growth hormone is a crucial component when it comes to increase your height. That doesn't mean you have to each cheeseburger or pizza every meal, eating that kinds of foods will only result in worsening health problems. You should eat foods that have low fat such as lean chicken, beef and turkey.

Do you know that your body produces growth hormone actively when you sleep? You should sleep earlier and have full eight hours sleep or nine. Combining with the right diets you can gain several inches in a matter of weeks.

Stretching exercise is also one of the best natural ways to grow taller. You can do stretching exercise with eating the right foods and take a rest properly. Doing those three things above will give you the best chance to increase your height.

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