Natural Ways To Increase Sperm Count And Semen Volume
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It is important for any male to have certain number of sperms in a milliliter of his semen to fertilize a female’s egg to make her pregnant, this is why it is important to increase low sperm count for smooth reproduction process. Male suffer from low sperm quality temporarily many times in their life and there are many reason to make this happen like stress, exposure to heat, lack of sleep, tight clothes, too much cycling etc but they cause temporary reduction in sperm volume and body recovers from it once the cause is eliminated.

When a male is having low sperm count for a longer period due to any deficiency, physical or psychological reason then it needs immediate attention and care to resolve the situation.

Healthy lifestyle and healthy diet is no secret for good health and a healthy body will help if not ensure in increasing the sperm count as well. Regular exercise improves blood flow all over the body, promotes sound sleep and counter stress. Lack of sleep can promote stress and also cast negative effect on sperm production, obesity is another reason which is associated with lack of sperm motility and sperm count.

Healthy diet comprising low fat, high fiber, whole grains and fruits will ensure supply of necessary vitamins, proteins and nutrients to help the body in completing its internal activities. Certain foods like almonds, oysters, wheat germ, asparagus, spinach, cooked tomatoes and avocado are specially recommended for better overall semen quality as they are sources of certain vitamins, amino acids and elements which may not be available to the body through normal diet and lack of these commonly cause low sperm count.

Exposure to heavy metals at work or at home out of which few may be present in the environment at some polluted places also reduce sperm quality, going at such places or working shall be avoided for better sperm count. Hot baths, tight underwear, excess bodyweight, spices, alcohol consumption, smoking, caffeine are also harmful and shall be avoided to increase low sperm count. Processed food shall be avoided as much as possible. Sperm count also goes down with age, so after thirty years of age, minor reduction in sperm count shall not be taken too seriously.

Herbal supplements are very popular and safe way of increasing low sperm count as they leave no side effects and boost up the process by addressing exact shortcoming in the body causing the problem. Fish oils, Mucuna prureins, Maca, Tribulus terresteris, Ginseng, Mosaic gold, Argyeria speciosa, Horny goat weed are few herbs those are used in herbal medicines and supplements for increasing sperm quality and semen volume. Vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B12 selenium and zinc arginine supplements are also recommended for increasing sperm quality.

Herbal health supplements like Shilajit ES can be taken regularly for good health and this supplement also helps the body in ensuring proper functioning of reproductive organs. Low sperm quality certainly raises few issues but almost all the cases are treatable and does not mean that a male has become infertile if he has low sperm quality, proper life style, diet and treatment can cure the problem easily and in short duration.

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