Natural Ways To Last Longer In Bed And Better Sex Workout Tips
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The sex wasn't pleasurable, but at least it wasn't totally shameful. Now, however could I go it alone? The first time we made ungloved love, I was overwhelmed by the sensations: the greasy warmth, the wetness of being inside her. It felt so astonishing; I wanted desperately to savor the experience. But it was out of my control. On my very first thrust, I went in, but I didn't make it out.

There are a varieties of reasons for not lasting long enough but the good news is that most of the time the problem is not that complicated and can be solved with ease. Only few of that pain from problems like premature ejaculation actually find the root of the problem and are able to eliminate it.

The problem of premature ejaculation can be both embarrassing and worrying for many men. Because women take up to five times longer than men to reach orgasm, it is often very difficult for men to endure long enough to allow their partner to achieve that goal. You can last longer in bed naturally using several tips.

How to Last Longer In Bed Naturally: -

Stop and Start: -

• Be aware of the fact you are approaching the point of ejaculation. • Stop and withdraw from your partner before the point of ejaculation is reached. • Relax until you feel that you can continue having sex without having to ejaculate immediately.

Distraction Works: -

• Have the male sexual partner start thinking of something very dry and analytical as uninteresting or at least un-sexy as possible just before he reaches the tip of ejaculation. A common example is listing off every NFL football team in his head. • Continue focusing on the distraction until the urge to ejaculate has passed. Make sure your focus is as complete as likely. If you've already named off every football team you know, start naming off the players or stats, or switch to baseball teams. • Repeat this technique as necessary, just previous to the male partner reaches the point of ejaculation. Self-awareness and practice: -

• Masturbate to become familiar with different sensations and how they affect you. • Practice holding back the urge to ejaculate as long as possible. • Experiment with different feelings to see what affects you differently. You may find ways that you can precede with the act of sex that are less inspiring than others, and thus allow you to last longer. • Intersperse the more inspiring positions and movements with less stimulating positions that let you take a break and avoid the need to

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  • Guest 8 years ago
    Excellent tips - the last one is especialy good and worked well for me. Althought it won't work immediately it's the best method to tech yourself to last longer in bed and actually fully enjoy the act without any distraction or thinking about a naked grandma...