Neck Pain Relief - Natural And Herbal Ways To Manage Neck Pain
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Physical therapy, exercises, joint mobilization can ease out the discomfort caused by neck pain. Physical therapy includes manual examination by therapists, measurement of the patient’s range of motion and testing of tender points in the neck or palpation tests.

Exercises should include gentle stretching exercises that can reduce spasm and muscle tightness and also strengthen neck muscles. Exercise also increases the stability of core muscles and improves muscle coordination. The common exercises that can be done include using a stair stepper, walking on treadmill, swimming laps and using a cross country ski machine.

Self-help, natural and herbal ways to manage neck pain

  1. While doing day to day activities, bending, twisting, if neck pain is felt, one must immediately stop and take necessary precautions. Pain must be understood as a warning sign.
  1. While sleeping, one must be careful about supporting the neck properly. The mattress used should be appropriate; neither too hard, nor too soft. A soft mattress or a high pillow has adverse impact on spine alignment and may build up tension in the spine.

  2. The patient should avoid slouching.

  3. For those who spend maximum time on phone, a speaker phone or head set is advisable.

  4. Usage of neck traction devices help in controlling neck muscle spasm by stretching the soft tissues. This is one way of treating neck pain.

  5. Weight reduction will reduce the excessive pressure on spine.

  6. Take food items rich in calcium, vitamin D. They will help to check osteoporosis or bone thinning.

  7. One should avoid holding neck or keeping neck bent for a long time. One should change positions frequently even while sitting or lying.

  8. Improper lifting techniques can also strain your neck muscles as well as back muscles. While lifting heavy objects, one must bend the knees, hold the spine erect, place the object in between the feet which should be quite apart from each other; for instance shoulder width apart.

  9. Take frequent breaks from work, and practice deep breathing and neck mobilizing exercises every half an hour. This reduces stress and also lessens neck tightness.

  10. Ice pack or a pack containing frozen peas may be held tightly against neck muscles for at least 15 minutes. This will soothe painful conditions.

  11. Swelling of neck muscles can be reduced with the help of jet streams or hot shower hitting the affected muscles.

  12. Massage therapy is an effective way of treating neck pain. Massaging soothes the strained muscles and tendons of the neck. Herbal massage oils like natural massage oil, arnica oil, rumatone gold oil, nagachampa ayurvedic oil, lavender body massage oil, sandalwood oil, capsaicin creams etc are best for relieving neck pain.

  13. Herbal supplements prepared from herbs like eucalyptus, cayenne and devil's claw are very helpful in minimizing intensity of pain and inflammation of the sore muscles. Intake of herbal supplements such as Rumatone Gold Capsules thus can prove useful.

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