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Chris K • onInformation 10 years ago • 2 min read

Niche content sites are where the web is at. If you think about it, all that the search engines really do is index niche oriented sites (for the most part) and list them principally in terms of popularity on the first hand, and relevance on the second.

One of the least attractive things search engines have embraced is popularity over relevance. Higher rankings and listing on Google for instance are a function of inbound links (popularity), SEO to the likeness of their algorithm, and otherwise who has paid to be there. In most instances, the vast majority of the listings are not highly relevant to your targeted content needs - this is where niche content sites are really the next frontier.

Take for instance - the site has been built upon five key categories (finance, computers, travel, shopping, and cars) that cover a large portion of what the searching public may be looking for. Each section of the site provides relevant information, hundreds of reviewed and highly structured articles, and relevant keyword based links to find an extended version of what you may be looking for. For the sake of usability, eliminating the need for endlessly searching through listings, delivering focused niche content provides an overall better end-user experience than the search engines.

One of the intriguing things that is also provided on is a unique library of thousands of indexed and categorized videos. Basically delivering niche content in a web2.0 format and listing it in a way that is user friendly and highly efficient.

I'm not saying that niche content sites should replace or are going to take over search engines, however, search engines should moreso consider relevance, and then popularity.

Thank you for reading this post and I wish you all the best with your search for relevant and useful content.



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