No Telangana As Of Now According To Congress High Command
Sunny • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

No Telangana As of Now According To Congress High Command

There will be no Telangana as of now. That is the indication that the Congress High Command is trying to say. Today they prepared a draft which would be spelt out by P Chidambaram in a short time. The draft was shown to all the MPs and leaders from the the Telangana, Andhra and the Rayalaseema regions.

According to the draft the Congress is basically committed to Telangana. But the separate Telangana state can only form if there is consensus from all the parties in Andhra Pradesh. Also the draft indicates that the UPA government is committed to the fact that the last three new states which were carved like Uttaranchal, Chattisgarh, and Jharkhand were carved only after such resolutions were passed by their respective assemblies.

So the High Command would go ahead on the issue only if the resolution is passed by the Andhra Pradesh assembly though the draft says that the UPA government is committed to a separate Telangana state. In other words Telangana may never happen as the majority of the MLAs in the Andhra Pradesh assembly are against the bifurcation.

Also the Congress High Command has noted that if AP bifurcates, then Rayalaseema also should be separated and also the status of Hyderabad poses a bigger headache.

So at the end there would be no Telangana according to the sources.



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  • Shilpa 9 years ago
    Thanks for Govt. Decission. We don't want to devide. I'm Telanganite but we're not interested to dive.. we love to be united. Only few leaders want to seperate.