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If you want to reset Life Timer counter on your Nokia just download files attached and follow my instructions. First, you will need USB cable for your phone (DKE-2,CA-53,DKU-2). Also PC Suite must be installed because you'll need Nokia cable driver. The latest version of Nokia PC suite has cable driver which isn't good so download driver which is attached and install it instead driver which comes with PC suite 6.86 or later. If you don't install proper cable driver the Nemesis will show an error while reading or writing EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory).

So, let's start: - Install nemesis service suite - Install Nokia connectivity cable driver attached (this is necessary only if your PC Suite is one of latest versions) - Connect phone via USB

  • Open Nemesis and click on magnifying glass on the right

  • Click on "phone info" icon and "permanent memory" tab on the lower right near "FBUS info" tab

  • Click on "write" button

  • Then choose to open the "" file which you extracted somewhere before and wait for the moment

  • That's it! Reboot the phone and type *#92702689# and SURPRISE! Now you have 0 hours of talk

LIST OF TESTED PHONES SO FAR: 5500 sport, 5700XM, 6110 navigator, 6120classic, 6630, 6680, E50, E51, E61i, E65, N70, N72, N73, N73ME, N80, N81 8gb, N82, N91, N93, N95, N95 8gb... It's true it really works 100000000000000000000000000000%


You can well understand in Readme.doc

Kindly download Readme files because then only you can do it very safetly..... It provides necessary informations for Using the files... and application

Don't hurt me for providing tooo many URL'S...... So sorry ok.....

Download link fot Lifetime

Download link fot Lifetime

Download link fot Lifetime reset Readme:

Password Nemesis Service Suite 103814.rar:

Password for NokiaConnectivityCableDriverrel685100_eng.rar:

Download link for Readme.doc(in Rar format):

Download link for NokiaConnectivityCableDriverrel685100_eng.rar:

Download link for Url of Nemesis Service Suite 103814.rar:

Download link for Url of Nemesis Service Suite 103814(Al Link).rar:

If you want any help or to thank me just mail me:

[email protected]

Thanks for reading my article…………………

i have tested in my handset it works well..... so only i have provided here.............. - J.H.Balaj

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    I love you man! Thank you for sharing, the world needs more people like you, who give information without wanting $$ in return.