North Korea Said The Military Has The Right To Carry Out Pre-emptive Strike Against Any Provocative
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Xinhua Pyongyang, June 15 (Xinhua Zhang Yang Gao Haorong) Korean Vice Minister of the People's Armed Forces Park in Beijing on the 15th in Pyongyang said that the Korean Armistice Agreement "has been spent", North Korea and the replica watches United States "in the case of a state of war", Korean the armed forces have the right to any minor provocation immediately pre-emptive strike, to attack the United States "crucial."

According to the Korean Central News Agency reported that the Park is a day in Beijing was held in Pyongyang in the "condemnation and rejection of the UN Security Council sanctions resolution," the Piaget-Watches rally, he said. Pyongyang has more than 100,000 people attended the General Assembly.

Park in Beijing, said the UN Security Council resolution "a gross violation and an insult to the North Korea's autonomy and dignity." If someone dares to exercise the sovereignty of the Korean ships and other objects to the detention, inspection and blockade, the Korean army would "be a strong military strike." He warned the Zenith Watches United States, Japan and South Korea, "Do not act rashly."

Secretary of the WPK Central Committee Kim Ki Nam said at the General Assembly, the Security Council sanctions resolution as "an attempt to disarm North Korea's disarmament, the North Korea from the Explorer Watches economic suffocation, and subversion of the ideology and system of North Korea." He said that the United States and other hostile forces will never succeed in this attempt.

On the 12th of this month the UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution No. 1874 of May 25 North Korea conduct a nuclear test that "the most severe condemnation," and called for North Korea will not conduct nuclear tests or the use of any ballistic missile launch technology activities.

The wholesale watches resolution also to restrict North Korea's import and export of arms, check out North Korea's ships on the high seas to check with the North Korea-related vessels and to prevent the inflow of external funds and for North Korea to develop missiles and nuclear weapons has made clear.



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