Not The Usual Umbrellas
Sunny • onInformation 11 years ago • 2 min read

The umbrellas might be just used for one thing, rain. But now these umbrellas have come up with various additional functions. Check out some of these interesting ones.

The Unbreakable WalkingStick Umbrella:

This umbrella is strong as a steel pipe & weighs only 1 lb. & 11 oz. (775 g), & has no unusual parts, no more metal than an average umbrella. It weighs approximately the same as baseball bat, with only difference that walking with a bat in hand won't look normal, but this umbrella - it's absolutely normal. This could come in handy if a situation arises & it also protects from rain. Though it would cost a little more than the regular conventional umbrella - its price is $179.95. Here is a video which demonstrates how strong this umbrella is.

Is.a.Brella - Umbrellas With Interesting Cover:

Is.a.Brella - an interesting umbrella, with a cleverly designed outer cover in shape of a bottle of wine. The cover keeps it compact & tidy, & with it you needn't think of raindrops on the floor. Costs about $ 27 & comes from the land of invention -Japan.

Self-Standing Umbrella:

Its a lightweight, robust design & stands up by itself umbrella.

Umbrella Bag:

Here is a nice & an efficient way to keep your umbrella inside & not soak the area around the umbrella stand. The Inside Out Umbrella fully converts into a small bag. The umbrella has a bag, turn it inside out & the umbrella is covered in a stylish looking bag. Brilliant.


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