Nutrition And Weight Loss
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In a decade, obesity has risen to be the greatest problem gripping humans. While obesity itself causes many health problems it is a trigger for numerous other disorders like diabetes, arthritis and cardio- vascular disorders.

Due to the rise in awareness of this hazard more and more people are taking up weight loss programs and eating right. But in the craze for a perfect body, people hastily follow crash diets and extreme exercises. This only creates further problems to the body.

Let see how nutrition and weight loss related.

One of the greatest problems of dieting is lack of proper nutrition. Most of the diets are either Low carbohydrate or Low fats. In either of these diets, unless the balance is maintained it could lead to severe loss of lean muscle. Some diets are extremely low in proteins; this has to be substituted efficiently to avoid deficiency. Therefore every diet should be carried out with extreme caution only under the guidance of a qualified dietician.

A balanced diet is one which comprises of all the nutrients in the required quantity. These nutrients are vital for all our metabolic functions: even deficiency of one nutrient can pose serious threats to our body.

For obese patients prescribed a low calorie diet, ensuring a healthy meal alone will solve most of their problems. This is because the nutrients in the diet will help maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and help burn the extra fat in the body.

There is no single food group or single nutrient which is most vital to the body. The body requires the combined effort of every nutrient in the right amount. There are five food groups that are essential to an obese man.

Fruits and vegetables Cereals Pulses Milk and other Dairy Products Fish and Meat Any healthy diet for an obese man should ensure a moderate amount from each of these food groups which will provide the necessary amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

The size of portion and servings should be decided based on various physical and behavioral factors like age, weight, life style, health condition and gender. Also special disorders should be taken into account. Patients with heart problems should take less of Meat and cereals and eat more of vegetables and fruits. Patients with diabetes should avoid fruits with sugar in their meals and eat more of milk and cereals products.

Any wrong eating habits lead to accumulation of toxins and fats in the body. For weight loss it is proper nutrition that is most important and not merely counting of calories

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