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Our human body is controlled by a series of hormonal functions. N fact it can also be said that hormones are the key to maintain a vital balance of the human body. They are produced in a very minimal quantity. Any kind of disturbance to it almost halts or misguides the bodily mechanisms. They are produced by the various parts of the brain like the pituitary, hypothalamus regions.

One of the most prime hormones that is of great importance is the thyroid hormone. This hormone works in conjunction with the iodine supplement, since, iodine can not be produced by the human cells, and they have to be supplemented from external source in order to keep the thyroid hormone in action.

Affects Your Health:

Obesity and junk food: Fast food has contributed significantly to the obesity epidemic in certain countries especially the USA. Calculate the amount of bad calories found in a standard burger restaurant meal. It is not hard to consume around 2000 calories in one sitting. That could be a person's daily calorie intake!

High Salt content: Do you have any idea how much salt is used in this type of food? The recommended daily sodium intake for an adult is 1500 to 2400mg. A large-sized burger meal from any one of the fast food restaurant chains can contain 1330mg of sodium per meal. That is from one meal! By the end of the day imagine how hard your Liver has to work to excrete the excess sodium.

Low Fibre: Do you have constipation and digestive problems? There is a serious lack of fibre in fast foods. Fibre helps to reduce the bad cholesterol and reduces heart disease.

Trans fatty acids: The body needs fats to survive but there are good fats and bad fats; these are bad. Trans fats lower the 'good' cholesterol and raise the 'bad' cholesterol. They contribute to heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Fast food addiction: Ever noticed how after eating a fast food meal that you has the need for another? Are you one of those people who frequent the fast food joints on a regular basis? There is an addiction factor to take into consideration here.

Nutrient deficiency: There is virtually no recognizable fruit or vegetable in the servings and if there were how many of those would still carry the vitamins and minerals freshness after they have been chopped and cooked? You will become lethargic and tired and your body's immune system will weaken.


Obesity is a disease that requires careful attention and pragmatic treatment. Lifestyle changes, exercising, dieting and weight loss are needed for a complete treatment and prevention of relapse. Diet pills can help in fighting obesity. However, a more sustainable approach to obesity treatment is required for a complete obesity cure.

Obesity opens the body to other diseases that are worse than it. Conditions like heart attack, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and the rest of them are the off-shoot of obesity. Obesity does not really cause them but they are exacerbated by the presence of obesity.

Weight loss programs have to be chosen deliberately after looking at various angles, as it is important to prevent the individual from reverting to the original state. It is also important to ensure that such obese individuals do not get depressed on considering the magnitude of their weight management programs.

On failure of diet restrictions and lifestyle changes in reducing obesity, individuals seek other medical treatments such as prescription medications, supplements, and behavioral strategy psychotherapy.

Surgery is also an option for many obese individuals unable to manage their weights by mere weight management schedules. Various types of procedures under bariatric surgery are carried out to help these individuals. Some of the surgical procedures that have become quite popular are vertical banded gastroplasty, scopinaro procedure, and gastric bypass surgery.

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