Obesity Causes And Some Useful Tips To Control Obesity
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Obesity is the main cause of various diseases like high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, and asthma. Obese people not only loss self-confidence but also face various physical problems, mental conflict and also loss their self-esteem.

Causes of Obesity The reason for obesity can be numerous. It can be a blend of genes, behaviors, metabolism, environment and culture. The common and major causes are overeating and no proper physical activities. In this modern world junk foods and fast foods are dominating the young generation and people have to do exercises.

Fast food centers encourage customers offering surprise gift and purchase value offers, so it attracts the people to have fast foods. Television advertisements encourage for getting low nutritional unbalanced food. Lack of physical activity is one of the major reasons for obesity, and obesity also leads to some other health problems.

Some useful tips to control obesity Exercise is more useful to burn fat as it speeds up metabolism. Exercise in any form like walking , swimming, cycling, playing football ,workout with machines or yoga just for 30-35 minutes per day will not only helpful to control weight but also reduces risk of serious cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis etc.


  • Some people go on dieting or very strict diet regime to control obesity but that is not safe solution because after some days the person get bored and don't want to be on control regime . Maintain regular meal times and have balanced meals. Uncontrolled eating habits also contribute to weight gain.
  • Include plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products in daily diet.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Whenever hungry in between main meal prefer to have fruits especially juicy fruits or fruit juice preferably lemon, orange, carrot etc. Green salad is also healthier and makes filling of fullness to stomach.
  • Avoid or minimize sugar intake, avoid sweets, chocolates, pudding, cakes as all these leads to extra calorie to body. In spite of sugar low calorie sweetener can be used. Honey can be used in juice or water which will help in speed up metabolism. Avoid high fat milk products like cheese and butter.
  • Always prefer to have white meat like fish, instead of red meat as they are low in fat content. Some herbs available at home kitchen are also useful in controlling weights like fennel, fenugreek, mint, black pepper, ginger. These herbs help in digestion as well as raising metabolism.

Diets for Obesity Lowering the calorie level is one method to reduce your weight. You can lose your weight nearly 10 pounds in a year by avoiding 100 extra calories from every day diet. It is important that the allocation of calories should be exact and several health institutes recommend it. Weight loss is not only a remedy for obesity, but it always lays a path to healthy life and expands your lifetime.

You can get 20 to 30 percent of calories in the form of saturated fat particularly from olive oil, sunflower oil and corn oil. It is possible to get 15% protein and 50 to 60 % complex carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. Your height, age, weight and activity level should be in exact level. For many people plant based calories such as vegetables and fruits are sufficient.

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