Obesity, Fat And Reasons For Weight Gain
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Obese women have an excessive amount of fat, which may affect their health and psyche. Dieticians working with physicians to recommend and oversee a program that would allow weight loss while losing weight, eating habits also reduced. Thus, a basic learn - an acronym for lifestyle, exercise, attitudes, relationships and nutrition - which seeks significant factors in these women's lives and give a reasonable and objective way to understand what each of them may influence body weight.

Poor or very poor diets calories under medical supervision are designed to produce rapid weight loss, while maintaining their nutritional needs. Energy comes from stored fat, which encouraged the exercise prescription, based on the health of women and the degree of overweight. In some cases, may be prescribed and medicines.

Reasons for weight gain

How you perceive yourself and your own life plays an important role in stand toner weight. Quite often, people who consider themselves happy cease to supercharged, and their body weight stabilizes. Others say that gains weight when they are unhappy. But both approaches may be too simplistic. There are various factors known to play a role in obesity. Record a diary of thoughts, feelings and events can help to understand the factors that are related to you.

An unbalanced diet. A good nutrition involves balance and variety. You may not realize how often choose certain types of foods especially those high in fat and sugar. In your journal write down everything you eat in a period of two weeks, and then look at your notes carefully. How many days do not drink milk or eat fruits or vegetables? The sweet snacks eat many days out with friends and drink alcohol? How many days do not eat grains or bread?

Insufficient exercise. Many people recognize that eating more honest than your friends and family, but gains weight easily. Maybe your body does not consume enough energy. In women over 35 years, muscle tissue may be lost each year, typically replaced by fat. The most effective way to improve this is regular exercise.

Boredom and depression. A feeling of comfort eating to be satisfactory in the short term, but if you is really depressed or unhappy with your situation; the act of eating will aggravate the problem. It would be better to seek medical help.

Lack of self-esteem. If you have little confidence in yourself, for whatever reason, subconsciously you believe that your body is not worthy of respect, that deserve to feel fat and unattractive because ordain us, do not even consider yourself worth something. If you allow your fattened more likely you will not feel in a form oppress and despise you more because you not able to control what you eat.

Bad eating habits. How and when you eat can be part of your problem, especially if you set meal hours. When out with friends feel obliged to eat and drink more than they should? When you do not have time to eat a meal in a hurry a chocolate bar or quick snack? Eat when you have something to do or you feel stressed? Complete your child food that remains on the plate? Your food diary will help you identify these habits.

Genetic factors. If your parents are overweight, you may have inherited this tendency, though this is the rare case. It may be difficult to distinguish if you inherited bad habits or if you own a real tendency to store fat.

Women and Alcohol It may be difficult to resist social pressure to drink to consume too much alcohol too often can lead to weight gain. However, a moderate amount of alcohol consumed with food as part of a sensible eating plan, can be beneficial to health.

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    Well i have gained a lot of weight since 2 years. Did't know the exact reason..after reading this article.i have made my mind to follow your tips..they are really very useful..thanks for sharing!