ODS Vs Infocube
Sunny • on 12 years ago • 2 min read

The main difference between the ODS Object and the PSA and InfoCube is that the ODS Object allows existing data to be changed. Whereas an InfoCube principally allows inserts, and only allows deletion on the basis of requests, data in an ODS Object can be changed during the staging process. This enables an ODS Object to be used as a consolidation Object in a Data Warehouse. PSA data change is only supported by manual change or by customer programs and not by the staging mechanism.

Unlike ODS Objects; InfoCubes have a mandatory time-dimension that allows you to look at particular relationships in relation to time-periods. For example, you can look at how relationships have changed over a certain time-period.

An ODS Object is principally used for analyzing the status of data at a certain point in time. This allows you to see what relationships are currently like. Exceptionally you can also track history in ODS Objects by adding a date to the key fields of the ODS Object.

It is generally true to say that it is not always necessary to implement ODS Objects in every scenario. Rather, it depends on the requirements of each scenario. You should only use ODS if the requirements of your scenario fit one of the three usage possibilities outlined above (Inbound ODS, Consistent ODS, Application-related ODS). An ODS Object placed in the data flow to an InfoCube without having a function does nothing except hinder loading performance.

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