Oligospermia Causes And Homemade Remedies For Low Spermatozoon
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A very Low spermatozoon, well known as oligospermia, is the primary cause of male infertility. Normally, 60 to 100 million spermatozoa are delivered for each ejaculation. A lot of sperm are killed by vaginal secretions or die during their journey to the fallopian tubes.

Therefore, a man who starts with a lower than average sperm count may find it hard to have a child. Sperm production may be influenced by a whole host of lifestyle choices, health issues, and environmental factors.

Causes of Oligospermia


Emotional accent and added cerebral issues can advance to low agent calculation


Contest such as bicycling can accession scrotal temperature and as well could cause animal asleep


Smoker or chewing tobacco can could cause aberrant agent morphology. It can as well accident the sperm's DNA and could cause fetal defects.

Recreational drugs:

Marijuana, cocaine and opium can abnormally affect agent calculation and superior in accession to causing arrect dysfunction

Homemade Remedies

Take a circadian multi-vitamin:

Stress, alive schedules and poor diets advance to abounding men missing out on capital vitamins. Yield one multi-vitamin book daily.

Drink lots of water:

Dehydration leads to fatigue, burnout and poor actual functions and all these can advance to poor animal functions. Alcohol at atomic 8 glasses of baptize per day.

Exercise as generally as possible:

Men who are fit accept bigger sex lives than couch potatoes! Exercise improves the all-embracing confidence, action of attractiveness and provides abundant backbone and backbone to be a bigger aerialist amid the sheets!

Watch what you eat:

Abstain clutter aliment and accomplish abiding that you advance an advantageous comestible assimilation with acceptable amounts of accomplished grains, proteins, vegetables, greens, fruits and salads.

Cigarette smoker anon affects agent count, berry aggregate and sex drive. Break abroad from smoker to addition your animal performance. Remember, the Marlboro Man is not as blowing as the adverts actualization them!

Alcohol in balance (a bottle or two of red wine per day) is acceptable for your cardiovascular bloom and appropriately animal health. Bubbler to get bashed on a approved base can alone accident your alarmist and tune down your animal life.

Drink Milk the milk is said to be actual alimentative accustomed action drink. It is a complete aliment that contains lots of vitamins and trace minerals. It is abounding of proteins and fats and appropriately provides the energy. Low agent calculation antidote may cover bubbler a glass-full of milk already or alert a day on a approved basis. This not alone improves the agent assembly but as well gets added bloom benefits.

Get an acceptable night's beddy-bye on as abounding night s in an anniversary as possible.Fatigue due to accident of beddy-bye can advance to crumbling animal desires.

Keep your animal hormones and organs in top anatomy with an able-bodied and alive sex life. Approved sex keeps abroad prostate blight and as well is benign to the heart.

Practice yoga and brainwork and try to advance a stress-free life.

Avoid bitter, ambrosial and acerb foods.

Regular Physical Workout Abounding bloom affliction providers accept that practicing some contest (such as Yoga, Pranayama and meditation) may advice in abating the accent that could be one of the affidavits for low agent count. Contest that absorbs men changeable arrangement and its organs (such as ballooning) may as well advice in aesthetic the changeable organs to aftermath added sperms and as well to advance their quality.

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Oligospermia Treatment


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